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[AMENDED&ADDED on 3rd APRIL]ID THEFT Warning! again...

I seem to be ID Thefted "AGAIN" or "STILL" ...  You won't be able to know whether someone is using your ID(of any form that makes the reader(s) assume it is YOU who wrote it) or not "untill and unless" you find it being done yourself!!!...because it is ultimately "only YOU" who KNOWS you didn't!!!

Another possibility is that my personal information is "deliberately combined" with someone else's- such as information of a good Christian intentionally being combined with another exisiting individual's, usually that of someone who is immoral, mentally sick, or a false christian, in order to discredit the target. Because the other individual also is an actual existing individual, people who wish to investigate for further details of me might begin to slide into investigating into the other (wrong) individual's details...?

So if the information is contradictory &/or inconsistent[← added on 4thApr] to the person's blog contents, it might not be a waste of effort to suspect either of above is committed against the original individual target...

I am rather devastated to notice the possibility that someone might still be using my ID to contact Christians abroad, to write a confession(s) of her own shame and problems to seek advice(?), to English speaking part of the world, exactly the same manner as the person has a habit of doing it domestically. The person must be either using the translation program, or by someone who can use English are assisting.

I thought this ID theft crime has been somehow sorted out... but seems it is ongoing??? or am I suffering from its "aftermaths"? ...i.e. my personal information is contaminated by other "unnice" individual ?  So part of information is made up of details that is not about me, whether their deliberate lies or about their own problems were attached to my ID.... ?

I myself am not writing about private problems to anyone, either to seek advice, or to confess shameful iintrovertish contents(i.e. "negative"!!!& pathetic!!!). I am NOT in crisis or failure or any sort of midlife crisis, or any of that sort. At least haven't even thought about such, let alone think about writing things like it to anyone.  [Added on 14th: This information is NOT about "me". "They" must bbe feeling like it, and they either wrote it to someone using my ID, or someone else who is already confused "me" with "the perp" had picked this information and passed it on as if it is about "me" although it's about "the perp"... ?]

I do not drink alcohol. I am not in such a desperate mental condition that I need "an immediate release" from a mental crisis, nor am I a someone who is that self-centered. [Added on 14th: These are NOT ABOUT ME either. Probably about them.]
I have never had an Identity problem at all. The person who has been using my ID is committing libelous acts against me since the person issued tremendous degrading contents on Internet etc. using my ID to the public, for a long time. They(?) have multiple handle-names in SNS and many other sites, at least on Internet, This person already seems to have an Identity problem themselves, but what they have been writing under my ID has never reflected or described my nature. Apparently there have also been a lot of Fake e-mailing "by my name" to English speaking parts of the world behind me. I used to receive a lot of "refusal notifications"(such as by daemon) from people I didn't write when I didn't write, and as such increased, meanwhile replies to my own e-mail stopped coming in, almost ALL contacts stopped coming in. It was a long time ago. Ever since I lost habit of e-mailing much...

For clarifying:
  • I am not sending any e-mail to any Pastor about my problem or crisis or confessing such, or seeking advise (yet). (The person has a habit of seeking advide for her own problems by telling others as if the problem is other than that of themselves, or using my name to ask advise, or by faking the ID...and those leaders would start to criticise or correct "me" for things I know nothing about but are "about those ID theft".)
  • I am not having failure problem, or any midlife crisis related problem.
  • I do not drink alcohol.
  • I have never been a pimp.
  • I have never taken an esthetic surgery.
  • [added on 13th]:I have NEVER brought up my "family" relationship problem to any of them at all. (However, almost every Church I have briefly contacted would begin to preach a message or more that contains a family relationship problem, e.g. "everybody has some sort of family problem, we shouldn't make a mountain for a mole hill( <= this is NOT exactly their expression -because this is an English idiom- , but I am trying to translate what they usually want to tell.)".
  • I am not into beginning to replace the object of my worship from Jesus Chrsit to anyone or anything else.
  • I am not that desperately troubled that I desire own selfish, immediate pleasure in order to be released from such "loser problem"or a crisis....and aren't thinking about others....(?) At least this information is NOT about "me".
  • I have not been lusting for or experiencing any promiscuous desires at mid-age.
  • [Added on 14th]: I have no desire or interest in or whatever on a married person. [Added on 19th:(partly deleted on 20th, to avoid misunderstanding.) I had to say this, because the perps seem to be residing in that "unfaithfulness" promotion community sites. And I am not a polygamist. ]
  • I have absolutely no desire to [Added on 19th : have multiple "self"(I am aiming to choose to be hurt than to dissociate so far.),] or become someone else than being myself, unlike that person, who has an identity problem, has been writing a lot pretending to be me, or to cause the readers to assume( or guess) the writer is "me", so people develop completely wrong ideas about "me". at times even using my photos apparently. The person has actually used my name and my e-mail address to send fake e-mails. [Added on 14th: I am thankful and feel blessed to have been born for my parents and I think I am one of a privileged half of person. So I cannot understand them who wished to have been born someone else or become someone else, or lusting for swapping herself with "me"(!).]
  • [Added on 14th]  I never said or thought that I was "born NOT blessed but cursed" or something like that at all [Added on 19th: (i.e. I am NOT particularly cursed; I am one of rather more "blessed" half of the populations in the world.], because it simply is not true.  Since I came back to Japan, I for the first time started to experience a strange expression as if I am feeling miserable or unhappy with my own life or something like it...when I am one of the opposite type of person.  I wonder if people picked a wrong information or a wrong individual to say that.  I think it is about the person(s) who has been attacking "me" out of jealousy.  As much of the information seems to be being swapped and I kept being treated as if I was an opposite type of person as I am, who think and feel opposite from what I am thinking and feeling.... Too much unthinkable assumption floating around.  These simply is NOT about me.
  • [Added on 19th March] I have NEVER been a pervert(!). If I have to say, I have a tendency to be attracted to very very veeeery mature souls, but NEVER((=100%) if they are before mature(!!!).  If anyone "say" otherwise,  force them to clearly state their False Witness "IN FRONT OF ME looking at my eyes straight & all the others", and I ask them to use the world's most accurate mind-reading detectors of every kind on them while stating their false witness. Thanks.
  • [Added on 2nd April]&[Amended on the 3rd]:
     I now so far have nowhere to have to go, but I am not "hiding" here!!!!!!!! Which wicked evil souls have said that? It utterly misrepresents my nature and personality and character, because I have NEVER be timid or coward or that kind(!).
      Probably it is because the person themselves are admitting to their heart that they didn't have the couraget to do what I did, for example, perhaps(=a bit too provocative to say this, but needed). That probably is the reason why they forged this lie that is totally opposite from what I am. 

    If I live indoor, will it be called "hiding" in my own house?

    It is an evil slander; evil interpretation(!)

    Oh wait: I have reason to want to stay at home as much as possible, because there were illegal break-ins many times here.
    Many sentimental value items have been stolen, strange items were left on where such things shouldn't be.....[And I am often praying that they would somehow return them to me, even if they just leave them in a bag or  a box in front of my house... My ultimate desire is not to have them caught, than to have my stuff be back...]
    When I sorted out my old wrist watches, telephone rang, and said to me "Do you have unwanted wrist watches to sell?"
    When I fiddled and arranged old special edition post stamps, the telephone asked " do you have unused stamps to sell?
    When I put my old video player out of the room, a telephone rang, "Do you have electric equipment to sell? such as a video player?
    When I sorted old clothes, a telephone rang, and said "Do you have old clothes to sell?
    When I fiddled my dishes and bowls, a telephone rang, and said "do you have dishes and bowls to sell?
    This is like nailing a person to the wall while making the crowd to jeer at the captured and say "Doing nothing!"...(lol)

    Please come in front of me who have ever said that. I need to know who did.  And I will prove to you that this statement is completely rootless.  But it might also prove that it is about yourself perhaps?
    I might feel disgusted by some of them, however.

    I am a Christian who have tons of experiences (or always) when the Lord Jesus protected and guided me. Why should I suddenly lose HIM Who has been 100% faithful to His promise to me too ??????????
  • [Added on the 4th, April,2016]:  "shunned" is not at all the right expression here. If "they" are giving you an impression like that, it's only because "they" want white men to see "them" bigger and me smaller...(lol)Thanks.

... etc.  Endless, but the point is, that most of the above items are applied to that ID theft individual(s). That's why I suspect of "them" writing to others "in my name"... [Added on 13th for clarification: "They" also had a habit of telling others what "they" said to "me" as something "I" said to "them"...They have a tendency to pervert and swap and turn things around (I heard that satanism does this kind ...although I am not certain whether they are actively satanists or not however. ) ..... I am just telling that what I am not and what I am, and what don't know is what I don't know. If you are lied about, you'd say so. A helicopter came!@16:02 13th, March, 2016. ]

This faking ID to deceive people in the English speaking part of the world seems to be aimed mainly at Christians so far, especially to leaders.

It might also help if I make it clear that I am NOT writing in ANYWHERE OTHER THAN MY OWN BLOG(S)(of which all my own sites are listed in the plug-in at the right hand of this page). (I am not in SNS to be certain. I have Twitter-if it is also SNS....?)I wrote a few on Youtube realtime chat months ago at a few of popular Christian Youtube evangelists, but it was publicly open and a short sentence, and nothing hidden about it. [Added on 13th:  And I sent a Youtube message to one of the Youtube journalists I am subscrining to, using the Youtube site's function I can't find any more, once, which I couldn't keep a copy for myself, to say that the framed picture in the 2015 Economist front page wasn't Mona lisa but "***" (=I forgot).  That's about it. ]

[2016-03-07 Night]: My English writing is declining!
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I cannot access my Blog as it began tofreeze again

Now as I tried to access by Blog site in order to correct my wrong words in the article, my PC freezes up and had to press the power off and restart.

( There also were quite a few Gang Stalkers actively and quite intensely making noise and things this morning, and I understood that they didn't like my new blog uploading....although I don't know whether they didn't like the contents, or "the very act of updating my own blog", however~ , )

Therefore I am attempting to upload this to my blog from my e-mail.
Then after this, I shall upload the previous article "AMENDED"-version.of the earlier article.

Whenever the site became accessible to myself, I will delete the earlier version. Till then, 2 same article will appear before&after this mail...

Now, let's see if this works all right~~

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Holy Relics and Hagia Sophia

   前回黙示録のAnti-Christ/False Prophetに関連してMidnight Expressについて触れましたが、


Hagia Sophiaが基ではなかったでしょうか?

   Midnight Expressの中に、イエス様の顔を覆っていた布とされているRelicの顔の影(跡?)とされているものがサブリミナルに使われていないか、という記事を書きましたが、Relicsと言えば、Hagia Sophiaではないでしょうか?

Hagia Sophia=聖ソフィア大聖堂がその後Ottoman Empireでモスクにされてしまったままだと思い込んでいたところ、いつの間にかとうの昔に博物館になっていたというデータだらけになっていて慌てマスタ。

   このSophiaですが、このSophiaとはカトリックやオーソドックスの聖人の一人から取った名称なのでは?と思っていたのですが、ちょっとWebを上滑りしただけで、どうもこれは神性の『知恵』を象徴する名称としてつけられたようにあるのです。それだと、私がまず思い出した外典に出てくるSophiaという女性と一致する側面だらけですので、外典を再確認したのですが、超Gnosticな文献なので読み続ける意欲があまりなくなって途中で放置していたやつなのですが、内容は割と冒涜的にGnosticです。Holy Grail等に関係してくるのではないかと思うのですが、NewAgeの言うGaiaと似ているのでしょうか?よく知りませんが、Gaiaって、NewAgeの人の言う母なる大地の神的なのですよね?これをそうした異端やそっちの解釈にすれば、Hagia Sophiaは一般的に注目する以外の別なそっちの方の重要性が浮かびます。

   私がHagia Sophiaに触れてのは、学生時代の中世の美術史の勉強の中からで、実際この建物の美術史上の重要性と言うか美しさとOriginalityの側面が大重要なのですが、Webじょうほうなどだとその話ばかり「過ぎ」て、宗教上や政治の関連の話は、美術史や建築のの化的な情報で溢れ返り過ぎ、中々普通n探し方では掴めなくなってしまっているので、スモークスクリーンをかけて居ないかと疑いたくなりますね。



Pope Francisがチリだったっけ?Cubaか?のOrthodox Churchの教皇に会いに行ってしまったし、

矢張り、Hagia Sophiaは、美術史的にだけ扱わない方がよいのではないかと思い、



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I have just recovered parts of my old articles which were deleted and altered by someone


Parts of my old articles were doscovered to be altered, either completely swappped with that of another article, and original contents of the articles being deleted partly or completely.
And I have recovered those now.
The altered articles are the following:

3, ORIGINAL LOST:altered by someone outside under a wrong title




  『コピペできる聖書サイト』の方にLINKしてある BibleGateway のResourcesに、デヴォーションのアイデアが色々あり、そのひとつの「聖書を手書きコピーする」と言うのを、やってみています。で、試しにやって気が付いた利点の一つは、やる前から予想が付く通り、詳細に気が付き易い、というやつですね。で、例えば、面白いのは、『ヨナ書』(☜私より専門の人がいるみたいですが。)を写していて、ひとつ面白い事があったので、わかちあっておきます:


3.  So Jonah arose, and went unto Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. Now Nineveh was an exceeding great city of three days' journey.
 4.  And Jonah began to enter into the city a day's journey, and he cried, and said, Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.







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【Youtube】"Coming Global Collapse - September to December"

Coming Global Collapse - September to December


[1:26:10- ]
And when, as the prophets cried out,    
When sin is enshrined, or is viewed as good, then righteousness is viewed as evil.
And so a warning has come; a persecution.
Not just from the pulpits, but from the supreme court itself.
Every member of the four descenting? judges has issued a warning to the effect, that believes, Christiaans in effect, will be persecuted.
A change has come. And there is an ominous message here.
So the word "shemitah" can mean "the fall" .
In the shemitah in 1973, there was amoral, spiritual fall...

One of the principles of the Scripture is that Judgment is often preceded by an act of desecration.
Ezekiel was in the Temple; when (he was) shown by God the desecration of the Holy Place that has been committed there. And then he was shown the judgment that was coming.
Daniel was in Babylon when in Babylon, they had a feast, a party, a celebration, to the gods.
And the king of Babylon sent for the Holy sacred vessels of God that was taken from the temple of Jerusalem to be brought out into the party... and to be used as Drinking vessels as they partied to the gods. And as the did it, a hand appeared on the wall.
And wrote words in Aramaic - the so call "The Handwriting on The Wall"; the words warned that judgment was coming. And that night, the judgment came to Babylon.
 What happened this summer "to take what is of God, "... Marriage is a vessel ,a secred vessel of God.
To take it and use that as a vessel as the temple vessels, to use against the purpose, for another purpose, ans against the purpose of God and thw Word of God, IS AN ACT OF DESECRATION.
And that lead to drink wine in Babylon from secred vessels of God - and that portends judgment.




From WorldNetDaily (Archive):



WASHINGTON – An ISIS fighter who reveled in killing Christians now follows Jesus Christ after a “man in white” repeatedly appeared to him in dreams and said, “You are killing my people,” according to a missionary leader.

A worker with the international evangelical group Youth With a Mission, or YWAM, came in contact earlier this year with the ISIS fighter, who, though understandably guarded, confided that he had become a Christian.

He confessed he once had “actually enjoyed” killing Christians, according to Gina Fadely, international director of frontier missions for YWAM.

Fadely revealed the story in an interview May 29 on The Voice of the Martyrs Radio Network, the Christian Post reported.

The ISIS fighter, she said, “told this YWAM leader that he had begun having dreams of this man in white who came to him and said, ‘You are killing my people.”

“And he started to feel really sick and uneasy about what he was doing,” Fadely said.

“The fighter said that just before he killed one Christian, the man said, ‘I know you will kill me, but I give to you my Bible.’” Fadely recounted. “The Christian was killed and this ISIS fighter actually took the Bible and began to read it.”

The free WND special report “ISIS Rising,” by Middle East expert and former Department of Defense analyst Michael Maloof, will answer your questions about the jihadist army threatening the West.

She said that in another dream, Jesus asked the ISIS fighter to follow him, and the ISIS fighter “was now asking to become a follower of Christ and to be discipled.”

Fadely recalled the story in the biblical book of Acts of Saul of Tarsus, a persecutor of Christians who had a dramatic encounter with the risen Christ on the road to Damascus and became known as the Apostle Paul.

“So, who knows? Perhaps this man will be like Saul in the Bible,” she said.

In an interview with WND, VOM spokesman Todd Nettleton, who conducted the radio interview, said that what makes the development “so rare is that this ISIS fighter reached out to another Christian and shared his story.”

“I believe there are secret Christians within ISIS,” Nettleton said. “Maybe the Christians they are persecuting had a chance to share with them. There are secret Christians within ISIS.”

Kevin Sutter, a YWAM director who joined Fadley in the radio interview, said an Arab leader had told him that there is a “spiritual hunger” that is “unprecedented” among Muslims.

“Many people are now following Jesus, but they keep it quiet,” Sutter said. “They haven’t gone public about it.”

He said many “even have church in their own home” and will “serve communion to one another as they’re watching TV.”


the meaning of "false flag"...etc.

I thought  the expression"False Flag" meant that

1, "A" harms itself pretending as if it was a certain "B" who has done it, and cause the third party, being deceived, will blame, criticise and attack "B", when in fact it was "A" itself who did it to itself. It was intended to deceive others to think it was "B" who harmed "A" itself, so "B" will be blamed, as the false allegation was placed on "B";
2, "A" harms "C" pretending as if it was "B" who did it, so, by being deceived, "C" and the general third party will attack and blame "B", when in fact it was "A" who did it, intending to cause the false allegation being placed on "B".

   By the way, another issue: There also is a tendency of judgment based on false information, or something that was about a half hour of incident, for example, of 10 or 20 , or even 40 years ago, being told as if it is the general condition or characteristics of a certain individual throughout 24/7 365 x for 10-20~ years..... as if it's a "permanent" flaw. This method of attack is said to be typical of the North k....  Communists' brainwashing prison to change the prisoners there to make a desirable (behavioural?) change (communists or something)... i.e. by stretching a small portion of the prisoners' negative information and talk as if it is the general characteristics ...  I do not understand when we make up our mind on a person we know nothing about, and pent up negative emotion on the person we have never met... it is confusing especially because it is not about an aspect one can observe, but more about inside emotional state and spiritual condition of the person we know nothing about, or never talked to the person about it at all..... These are one of the most difficult side to understanding someone else correctly, to understand other person's heart.... We actually meet, and talk, and at last beginning to find out the truth of the person, and gradually.  It will not be known other than actual communication.... but we tend to confuse own imagination with the reality of the person we don't really know about...
  Is there "an order" to only meditate on a target individual wickedly, until we successfully manage to hypnotize ourselves, or brainwash ourselves, to unswervingly feel hostile towards them automatically...? and if we think nice just naturally toward them, we will be punished, ...or something like that....?

   I feel more and more on Internet and mass media are for propaganda and less and less of true reports....
( Although I am a target, I never know which urge to write or say out of good intention toward someone "D" might be to be published on some specific timing for someone "E" I don't know to read, and convinced it was for "E" and "E" I don't know is secretly hurt.... ? )


The "Would-be EEG Monitoring Machine" ...

[2015-10-19 11:00-ish] ADDED:  I have re-checked about the EEG Cloning issues & The so-called "Remote Neural Monitoring" quoickly on internet.  And I agree that what they call the "RNM" is only(?) an advanced method of analysing EEG/MEG, optical data, temperature, etc. and other physical data they can detect both in invasive and non-invasive manners. Adding such analyses to every other advanced reading from what an individual have already issued (e.g. vocally/written/and inner-voicing) expressions, there should be extremely advanced way to already detect one's thoughts and choices, even including pre-cognitive concepts before the person could articulate it.... But it can be very innacurate at the same time.  What I recently experience was that a part of the inland group's analysis end to be too off the track. That makes me wonder whether the information is intentionally messed up/swapped or forged with someone else's. In the past, I experienced that when(ever) I thought about a personA, a person B reacted immediately and in very disturbing manner, as if I ever thought about the person, or someone said I did, though I didn't at all; and when I felt very negatively about personB, the personA quickly reacted with expressions of denial of alleged contents and was very hurt by it...but it was always when I thought about B; and I happened to notice that the "setting" of the analysis was made that way either deliberately or by mistake; i.e. my concepts about person A & B were set the wrong way round.  I think there is a setting for their "attempt" to read people's minds using variety of methods, because we usually don't have to narrate own thinking to ourselves, neither do we indicate the subject and object's names. So they need to be able to identify it, but can go wrong this way. If it can go wrong, it can also be intentionally abused so someone can deliberately set personA's mental data with personB's mind data.  If such abuse exists, we shoud really be extremely careful, and we ought not to be over gurrible at machine's such sensitive answers.  I understand this kind of activities are machine and human cooperation, or in other words, human interferrence is necessary or "possible". And if such messing up is so done, we can't depend on what such system might direct humans to judge others by the outcome too much.... If the setting was so swapped, it is tragic.    We can deal with anything as long as it is what we actually said or done, but it is not so if someone else's deeds were placed on another, such as False Flag. If a program began to insist that it is able to tell what an individual is feeling without contacting the person, it at least ought to be "accurate", or at least "very close to truth", but should never be of somebody else's, or a forged data, or by mistake or intentionally swapped.  I don't know how one can deal with it...

   I happened to think that if there is an "EEG Monitoring Machine" out there...,
the machine is set to gather the EEG of completely somebody else's(!)... I can be 85% right in saying so.

   I have reason to suspect this kind of "swapping" as well as swapping of conventional information...

   Another unknown allegation...and thought what might cause others "to so strongly convinced wrongly" when there's nothing in me in reality... but if there were to be a conventional false information, or contemporary technology that give wrong answer,esp. if it is wrongly or deliberately customized to pick other individual's EEG as a particular individual...

   If not, I don't know where all those storm of ungrounded allegations are springing up from....

   Torrent of "misunderstanding or false allegations or off-the-target-assumptions? (or whatever else one calls it)" on me at once recently....I'm trying not to worry or dig it up too much...but misunderstanding or misgivings and any dellusional allegations without check are another hard thing to go through but I must end here. 

Thank you for reading. And May God in our perfect Man-God Saviour Jesus Bless your day.... if you are Chistian(s)...Some  or many of my recently discovered brothers and sisters are real blessings as well.


About "Disinformation under forged ID" again...

   As I have been writing (in Japanese), I am troubled by a "FAKE "me"(="spam writings" on Internet elsewhere), pretending as if it is my writing, the someone has been writing unnice disinformation of me, distortion, deception, total made-up stories, and mostly about confession(?) of the person's own real problems "using my name or ID" on Internet, usually both where they think I cannot find, and they know where I regularly visit, deceiving people so that the readers believe those are "my" problems... The fake writings usually are mixed with the person's own truly existing problems so it is very convincing, creating it in a form of shameful confessions (the person confesses own problems under my name, or mix the details with mine to do it so that the readers are convinced that it is surely my writings!). The person seems to have problems with own reality or not able to love and accept own self, having needs to find other to carry own problems in public and instead positive aspects of others are told as if it is own; in short the person seems to have a desperate need to swap oneself with someone else, in this case, me.... )

   And it seems possible that the person is "still" doing it using someone who can write English to send it to English speaking side of the world. It might have been going on for a long time.  The crime seems to have been ceasing within Japan, but it is likely that the person is still continuing it abroad using someone who can use English, probably via Christian contacts.

   As you can see, at the right side of my Blog in the Plug-In area, I am listing "MY OWN SITES"(I placed it because of this crime being done), the list you can find are the only places where I am writing on Internet.
If there has been in any "e-mail" that contain such suspicious contents, I trust you investigate the sender thoroughly as well as any Internet writings other than the site among the list you find at either side(depending on the Template designs) for the listings of "all" the sites "I" created and am writing. And Nowhere else is mine, neither any comment written in other sites are by me, as I have been refraining from writing especially if one could forge the name(such as aonymous sites, to avoid getting the criminal's attetion or they might escalate)(just for the time being).
Recently I tried a Chat room, but have not been trying whether it works or not any more.
I have never done it in the past and am not familiar but world be nice if I could join a Christian exchange. I however have not been at all writing any "anonymous" place at all because of this "fake writings" problems.
I thought it might be safe in English, but seems it also is in trouble.
Please check it completely because I haven't joined on chat anywhere yet.

E-mails seem problem for a long time, as it all stopped completely at one specific season roughly (nearly) 10 years ago....  It needs thorough investigation but I have not written to cause people to reject or stop any correspondence, unless any of my response didn't reach the recipients which caused all the correspondences to determine to stop expecting a reply from me. However, I received persistent system messages that indicated that my e-mails were rejected when I wasn't writing to the person(s)...It also was nearly ten years ago. It was when I was frequently buying old Christian books of good kinds off eBay, Amazon marketplace, Abe Books, and the like. --- These are about the past, just as an example of the process to which I have arrived to this day...

   If it is actually my writing(s), I will be able to respond or explain regarding the contents if there was any problem.
  But if people were reading things I never knew, that caused sudden stops, that's what I terribly worry.
I have been seeking a solution to it; therefore, I am left now only to ask people TO INVESTIGATE THE INFORMATION AND WRITINGS (IF IT IS WRITTEN IN THE WAY THE READERS ARE LED TO ASSUME IT IS "I" WHO HAVE WRITTEN). 
  As you can see, if you check, I have been questioning whether MY OWN sites like here are forged, and if it is not appearing the way I wrote, it would also be a dreadful problem, but I suspect it's not the case for the time being.
  Remembered that my Twitter: I wasn't receiving part of personal messages. When I checked my Twitter reports in my e-mail too late, there were several personal messages I have never received then. Also I was receiving tweets the person I followed never wrote.

   I must ask because of this situation, readers to make sure the information and writings to be authentic.
If it is done via Christians organization or groups, (and it is more likely now), it's harder for us to become suspicious, but as long as there is such cases, aiming at good and kind and caring Christians to receive fake writings, I only have to ask to be careful. 

Unless it is authentically mine, I have no way of knowing why this person or that is upset or offended or else, there is nothing I can do unless I am given a chance to be challenged directly.

Thank you.