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"The Water & The Blood/Wine" thing And "The Covenants"

I have read many books dealing with "The Blood", and learned a lot but this is incrediblly vast and deep to really get the kind of undertanding....  And I haven't yet come across any explanation about "the Water and the Blood" that is easy enough. Leaders seem to know a lot but aren't explain it to lay people....

   The books I have regarding this are:

  In my previous article, "", I have found out the First mention of "pour (blood)" was in Exodus4:9, which reads;
9.  And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe also these two signs, neither hearken unto thy voice, that thou shalt take of the water of the river, and pour it upon the dry land: and the water which thou takest out of the river shall become blood upon the dry land.
   出埃及記(出エジプト記) 第四章
9. 彼らもし是ふたつの徴をも信ぜすして汝の言に聽從はざるならば汝河の水をとりて之を陸地にそそげ汝が河より取たる水陸地にて血となるべし

And it reminds us of our LORD Jesus's First miracle at the wedding in Cana (Jn 2:1-11), which reads;
🔹JOHN 2:1-11
 1.  And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee; and the mother of Jesus was there:
 2.  And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage.
 3.  And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.
 4.  Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.
 5.  His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.
 6.  And there were set there six waterpots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins apiece.
 7.  Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.
 8.  And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it.
 9.  When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom,
 10.  And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good wine; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse: but thou hast kept the good wine until now.
 11.  This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.

  This also is when the Water turned to Wine (though not Blood here).

... Now, I sometimes make myselfears quite open to any secular researches and information as far as it is neutral and not demonic, but keep it in a "not yet solved"-folder of my mind.... (Do you do the same?)

   In our time where what we can eat and drink are so damaged that it has been a grave health problem, and  I chose some of the Youtubes dealing with "Water."  And when I was playing Vinnie's "PURE WATER - THE ILLUMINATI'S BIGGEST SECRET!"( as my hands were in the kitchen sink, I noticed them talking about water should cleanse even our body organ. The pure water is the cleansing medium. And I ws also thinking about the Blood at the same time because I wanted to know something("anything"!) that might help me understand more solidly about these miracles in our Bible, as well as the faculties of both medium at work even separately as well... So I thought the way our blood is cleansing our body every moment. It also cleanses our body.
I am not writing this after "thorough and extensive researches"...but making this as an article,leaving the thorough findings for the following days.
Back to this Youtube, "PURE WATER - THE ILLUMINATI'S BIGGEST SECRET!", the researcher was explaining that water carries minerals ("inorganic"). It is through an organic body that turns them into organic living substance.
   I will leave the rest of examination to the following days, but .......

The Water turns to the Blood, or the Wine, not vice versa.
   And if both cleanses our body ( thus the organic Temple cleansing!), but what was Water tuurns to Blood/ or Wine.
   Do you think I'm quite right in thinking that the cleansing medium called Water ,which carries minerals, is this not the TYPE of the Mose's "Law" (=The Old Covenant), and the Blood/Wine being "Grace", the Living Organic (as in our Temple now) (The New Covenant)??? ...that's because we need both The WORD & The SPIRIT for cleansing, nourishing, and for justification?

   And this researcher was saying that if the water we drink was "clean" it will not conduct harmful energy, & conducts only healthy, good energy; but if the water was not clean, , our body tends to conducts all the harmful eneriesy such as from the Scaler weapons and WIFI energy...
   This is almost like taking the clean water is the blessings such as in the first half of the Deuteronomy Ch.28, or Psalm119, and taking the unclean water is like when we are violating the Law, described in the last half of the Ch.28.... ?

   I shall post this now, but go to check if I can take all the Blood teaching books easy or not... If I could, I shall add the list in this article later....

Then, see ya, with much love to the Saints in the World out~!



[15日追記アリ]Beast Out of The SEA&EARTH/Trafalgar Sq.&Times Sq.のバールの神殿

made2 s.png[15:08 1st,Nov.,2016]: :その後、予定を変更した後、TimesSq.ではなく、代わりにマサチューセッツnpサタニスト教会のサーレムに何かそれに当たるものを立てたそうですね。

pade2 s.png[23:42 13th,April,2016]: この記事で書いたところの New York Times Square での神殿レプリカはキャンセルされたことが今朝確認されました @Perry Stone Live this morning & Rense Radio 

badjt3 s.png[14日午後追記] が、Londonは中止していないそう。その後NYの方をどうやるかだそう(Londonの続きとして一番良いシナリオを、という風に聞こえましたよね。)。
oadjt3 s.png[21:58 15th, April, 2016]追記: この色。

A Beast Out of The Sea & A Beast Out of The Earth
"The Evil Temple of Baal Replica" By Nancy Neeter on Rense Radio

   Trafalgar Sq.&Times Sq.のバールの神殿(+1,000ケ)(日本では何所ドコですか?)は、エルサレムの『第三の神殿』のための布石だそうですね。
  テンプル・マウントには、ドームやアル・アクサを破壊せずにそのままにしておいても第三の神殿は建てられるらしい事は既に報告されていましたよね、[Added on 10thApr2016:]ドームを無くさない限り聖書的には不可能だという意見もあります。そこに、モスクと神殿だけではなく、カトリックの教会か何かも立つ可能性があるそうですね。



  & NYとLondonのバールの神殿のアーチは中国製らしいですね。鳥居(というより)中華門の形にも見えますが。

Revelation Ch.13:
"And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy."

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon."

と、一節目に「a beast rise up out of the sea」とあり、
11節目には「another beast coming up out of the earth」となっています。
"sea/ocean"  と"land/earth"の対比があり、
前者 "sea/ocean"の場合は、「Gentile」を指し、対して、
後者 "land/earth"が「イスラエル」のことだそうです。

  つまり、この方[=Ms. Nancy Neeter]さんの調査を追ってチョロリと検索しただけでしたが、沢山出て来ますね。それによると:
イ スカリオテはクリオスというモアブ人の都市らしいですね。ですので、再確認前段階ですが、あのユダがモアブ人であった可能性があるのですが、詳細を待たず とも、というか、何人(=なにじん)であってもモアブ人でも何であっても本物の信者になれるわけですから、重要なのはイスカリオテのユダが機能上どういう 働きの人物だったのか、と いう点です。ユダは、主イエスがそれも知って選んだ一人ですが、一緒の活動中にも本物になる信仰が育たず、時至ってサタンが入っただけではなく、最初から 機能上は『潜伏者』であり、いわば、その後の信徒の集まりの象徴というか型でもあったのかも知れず、その意味では、後世の皆の教育的な目的もあったのかも 知れないですね。(故David Mayer牧師さんが頻繁に仰ってましたが、「20人集まったら、既に潜伏が一人入っていると思え」、と教えられた、とか。)



bade1 s.png[8th,April 14:15-ish追記] : イスラムのSunni派という方のが、イスラエルのDan族だったという情報もありましたね。
oadjt3 s.png[15日]ドイツにDan族の姓名の人が多いということから、Dan族はドイツに行った、という説も強かったですが、コーカシアンのドイツ人ではない中東のドイツ人の多くがDan族ということなのでしょうが、スンニ派の多い中東諸国からのドイツ移民が多いのも、重なってきますね。




転載記事: インターネットで見つけた説教から







詩篇< 52 > 指揮者のために。ダビデのマスキール。エドム人ドエグがサウルのもとに来て、彼に告げて「ダビデがアヒメレクの家に来た」と言ったときに
52:1 なぜ、おまえは悪を誇るのか。勇士よ。神の恵みは、いつも、あるのだ。
52:2 欺く者よ。おまえの舌は破滅を図っている。さながら鋭い刃物のようだ。
52:3 おまえは、善よりも悪を、義を語るよりも偽りを愛している。 セラ
52:4 欺きの舌よ。おまえはあらゆるごまかしのことばを愛している。
52:5 それゆえ、神はおまえを全く打ち砕き、打ち倒し、おまえを幕屋から引き抜かれる。こうして、生ける者の地から、おまえを根こぎにされる。 セラ
52:6 正しい者らは見て、恐れ、彼を笑う。
52:7 「見よ。彼こそは、神を力とせず、おのれの豊かな富にたより、おのれの悪に強がる。」
52:8 しかし、この私は、神の家にあるおい茂るオリーブの木のようだ。私は、世々限りなく、神の恵みに拠り頼む。
52:9 私は、とこしえまでも、あなたに感謝します。あなたが、こうしてくださったのですから。私はあなたの聖徒たちの前で、いつくしみ深いあなたの御名を待ち望みます。

Tサムエル22:9 すると、サウルの家来のそばに立っていたエドム人ドエグが答えて言った。「私は、エッサイの子が、ノブのアヒトブの子アヒメレクのところに来たのを見ました。
22:17〜19 ・・・しかし王の家来たちは、【主】の祭司たちに手を出して撃ちかかろうとはしなかった。・・・そこでエドム人ドエグが近寄って、祭司たちに撃ちかかった。・・・

Tサムエル22:22 ダビデはエブヤタルに言った。「私はあの日、エドム人ドエグがあそこにいたので、あれがきっとサウルに知らせると思っていた。私が、あなたの父の家の者全部の死を引き起こしたのだ。

詩篇94:14 まことに、【主】は、ご自分の民を見放さず、ご自分のものである民を、お見捨てになりません。

ローマ8:31 では、これらのことからどう言えるでしょう。神が私たちの味方であるなら、だれが私たちに敵対できるでしょう。

マタイ15:18 しかし、口から出るものは、心から出て来ます。それは人を汚します。
15:19 悪い考え、殺人、姦淫、不品行、盗み、偽証、ののしりは心から出て来るからです。

創世記3:15 わたしは、おまえと女との間に、また、おまえの子孫と女の子孫との間に、敵意を置く。彼は、おまえの頭を踏み砕き、おまえは、彼のかかとにかみつく。

ホセア12:6 あなたはあなたの神に立ち返り、誠実と公義とを守り、絶えずあなたの神を待ち望め。




本《9月7日16:26加筆》【転載】From WEEKLY PORTION "Black Magic, Blessing and Curse" by Rab. S. Riskin

しばしば大変時に適ったシンクロニシティなメッセージを見つける記事なので毎週読む WEEKLY PORTION"




"Black magic, blessings and curses"

By Rabbi S. Riskin

"No Black magic can be effective against Jacob,
and no occult powers against Israel"
- Numbers 23:23

    Who controls the fortune and destiny of nations?  Does the ebb and flow of history turn nondescript, banal and ordinary individuals into great heroic personalities, or do those extraordinary heroes create for themselves the perfect opportunities to demonstrate their courage and heroism?

   Perhaps it is neither history that creates great leaders nor great leaders who creates history, but rather God, the Ruler of the Universe, who plans and controls the various moves of His puppet-pawns on the great earthly chess board in order to provide the end-game which has been His purpose from the beginning of time.

   Or perhaps it is none of the above; perhaps there are certain soothsayers or magicians who know the secret formulae - or the black magic - to manipulate God and change reality to conform to their evil designs. Perhaps history is created by such demonic emissaries from the nether world, forces of darkness and destruction.

   Or perhaps nations rise and fall due to the efforts of more benign, but no less dangerous marketers for financial profit and personal political gain, who seize control of public opinion by painting certain peoples "black" and certain peoples "white," media moguls who understand that the bigger the lie, the greater the credibility.

   I believe that these are precisely the issues being dealt with in this week's supernatural, eerie, comical, lyrical and prophetic portion of Balak. This portion follows the Israelite encampment on the plains of Moab and concludes just after the Israelites begin to behave immorally with the Moabite women. Its narrative style is very different from most of the verses that precede and follow it; indeed, it could be removed from the Book of Numbers without affecting the storyline whatsoever.

   Balaam enters the scene after the Israelites have gone through desert rebellions and reorganizations and finally seem to be succeeding in defeating several of the smaller Canaanite nations and preparing the next generation to enter the Land of Israel. The unmasked question throughout the portion is who or what will ultimately be responsible for success - or lack thereof - of the Israelite nation in history?

   Balak, the king of Moab, is in mortal fear of this new "power" on the block, which defeated the mighty Egyptians and seems to be "licking up everything around them." As the inch closer and closer to Moab and Midian, he convinces the elders of Midian to join him in hiring a voodoo soothsayer, Balaam, to curse and defeat Israel through his magic powers of the occult. Balaam informs them that he. too, is under the power of God, and that even he is not able to curse those who are blessed by God. He cannot even travel with them to observe the Israelites. However, he declines the job offer in such a way as to let his "clients" know that he will nevertheless attempt to manipulate God into allowing Israel to be cursed - and he does succeed in getting God to allow him to accompany the Moabite dignitaries.

   At this point in the narrative, our sages declare that "God leads individuals in the path they wish to follow" - so that if the evil voodoo man has chosen to curse, Israel shall indeed be cursed. But what follows is both comical and at the same time profound. Balaam saddles his donkey to travel with the Moabite king, but suddenly his donkey refuses to proceed, turning aside from the road and into the field. The donkey sees what the voodoo man has missed: God's angel will not allow Balaam to come through; A God’s angel is preventing the donkey from advancing with Balaam and Balak! The donkey then speaks and, in so doing, demonstrates that speech is a gift from God. If God wishes a donkey to speak it will speak; and if God wishes Israel to be blessed, Israel will be blessed. Speech, whether blessings or curses, can only come from God.

   The venal, virulent voodoo man still tries to manipulate God. He and Balak attempt to bribe God with sacrifices to allow for the cursing of the Israelites, but to no avail. Instead, Balaam expresses the most magnificent of blessings:

"This is a nation with the ability to dwell alone, 
       which does not have to be counted amongst other nations...
 No black magic can be effective against Israel
                                             and no occult powers against Jacob...

 How goodly are your tents, O Jacob,
                                  your tabernacles, O Israel...
 A star shall go forth from Jacob,

                                                     and a ruling scepter from Israel...
 Israel shall emerge triumphant...
                    in the end, Amalek will be destroyed forever."


  "With that, Balaam set out and returned home. Balak also went on his way"(Numbers 24:25). But this is not how the portion concludes. As Chapter 25 opens, the Israelites behave immorally with Moabite women, and a price of the tribe of Simeon publicly fornicates with a Midianite princess. A horrific plague
overtakes the Israelites and Israel seems to be vanquished until Phinehas and eventually Moses punishes the wrongdoers, thereby inspiring national repentance.

   The message is clear. Israel is to be blessed - but only if we serve God (and not idols) and act morally and ethically. Israel's success or lack of success is not dependent on voodoo men, black magic operators, even solely on God's will; it is ultimately dependent on our own moral actions.

Shabbat Shalom
Balak, Numbers 22:2-25:9, is read on July 7.


 [Numbers 24:3-9]

3    And he took up his discourse and said,

"    The oracle od Balaam the son od Beor, 
      And the oracle of the man whose eye is opened;
4    The oracle of him who hears the words of God, 
      Who sees the vision of the Almighty,
      Falling down, yet having his eyes uncovered,

5    How fair are your tents, O Jacob,
      Your dwellings, O Israel!

6 " Like valleys that stretch out,
      Like gardens beside the river,
      Like aloes planted by the LORD, 
      Like cedars beside the waters.

7  "Water shall flow from his buckets, 
      And his seed shall be by many waters,
      And his king shall be higher than Agag, 
      And his kingdom shall be exhalted.
8  "God brings him out of Egypt, 
      He is for him like the horns of the wild ox.








神様は光(本ヨハネ9:5黙示録22:5ヨハネ1:1-9ヨハネ8:12 1ペテ2:9;1ヨハネ1:5-7 等)で、

「4 私たちは、私たちをつかわされた方のわざを、昼のうちにしなければならない。夜が来る。すると、だれも働けなくなる。
5  わたしは、この世にいる間は、世の光である。」(口語訳)














1, 実際に天にある父なる神の御座を示す『型』、

2, 主イエスご自身の事を示す『型』として、

3, 私たち信徒の在るべき姿としての『型』…



ちなみに きのうの記事、『地上の幕屋と本物の天の御座』は、
【クリスチャン(&真剣な求道者)専用記事】です。、それ以外は全く念頭になく、従ってそれ以外に宛てて書いていないので無視してください。 通じていない話を邪推されたりよじ曲げたり誤解されたり意図しない解釈をされて余計な攻撃や非難を受けたくないので…





"The Old is the New concealed; and the New is the Old revealed."

という言い方があり、(ヘブル10:7 etc.)、モーゼ5書(=トラの巻物/律法)にはイエスの型であり、また天地のデザインに関してや我々に関する型が旧約中に見つかり、新訳でイエス様が使われた譬と似た機能で解る人々を聴衆として教えてくれる側面がありますが、


その幕屋は一つに主イエスご自身ですが《JOHN[ヨハネによる福音書] 2:14-22》、同時に神に似せて創られた我々の在るべきデザインでもあり《First Corinthians[コリント人への第1の手紙] 3:16-17》、また、天の父なる神と人との交わり(天の父なる神からと人から双方のデザイン)《Revelation[ヨハネの黙示録] 15:5》の簡略なパターンを教えてくれる。


至聖所は、実際の天の父なる神の御座の地上に(人間に解る様に)現してくれた『型』=現し得ないその本物の天にある天の父なる神の人間側に対応する位置的モデル《Revelation[ヨハネの黙示録] 15:5》です。が、ある意味で、信者自身の型《First Corinthians[コリント人への第1の手紙] 3:16-17》でもあります。何故なら、御言葉に、私たちは主イエスの聖霊が住む為の神殿(=幕屋/後にソロモン王が幕屋として建てたのが第1のエルサレム神殿)とあり、故にその積もりで借り物の様に敬虔に扱う心がけを教えている。




これは、モーゼがヘブル人(イスラエル)をエジプトから出し、幕屋を建てる事になる予兆の印で、また、代々(ダビテ王→ソロモン王→ゼルバベル→主イエスの降誕→ペンテコステの日に始まる聖霊の信徒への内住)約束されたエマニュエル=「主我等と共にあります/我等とと共に住まわる主/神」で、御国では型でなくて本当にそれが実物で味わえます。永遠に主イエスの傍で、我々は主イエスが再臨されたら、今はまだ鏡に写す様にしかわからない主が私たちを一瞬の内に変えて下さいます。何故なら、私たちは主を実際に見るからです。《=1 Corinthians/コリント人への第一の手紙 13:12》そして、私たちのすべての涙と病とを拭い去って下さいます。