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The "Would-be EEG Monitoring Machine" ...

[2015-10-19 11:00-ish] ADDED:  I have re-checked about the EEG Cloning issues & The so-called "Remote Neural Monitoring" quoickly on internet.  And I agree that what they call the "RNM" is only(?) an advanced method of analysing EEG/MEG, optical data, temperature, etc. and other physical data they can detect both in invasive and non-invasive manners. Adding such analyses to every other advanced reading from what an individual have already issued (e.g. vocally/written/and inner-voicing) expressions, there should be extremely advanced way to already detect one's thoughts and choices, even including pre-cognitive concepts before the person could articulate it.... But it can be very innacurate at the same time.  What I recently experience was that a part of the inland group's analysis end to be too off the track. That makes me wonder whether the information is intentionally messed up/swapped or forged with someone else's. In the past, I experienced that when(ever) I thought about a personA, a person B reacted immediately and in very disturbing manner, as if I ever thought about the person, or someone said I did, though I didn't at all; and when I felt very negatively about personB, the personA quickly reacted with expressions of denial of alleged contents and was very hurt by it...but it was always when I thought about B; and I happened to notice that the "setting" of the analysis was made that way either deliberately or by mistake; i.e. my concepts about person A & B were set the wrong way round.  I think there is a setting for their "attempt" to read people's minds using variety of methods, because we usually don't have to narrate own thinking to ourselves, neither do we indicate the subject and object's names. So they need to be able to identify it, but can go wrong this way. If it can go wrong, it can also be intentionally abused so someone can deliberately set personA's mental data with personB's mind data.  If such abuse exists, we shoud really be extremely careful, and we ought not to be over gurrible at machine's such sensitive answers.  I understand this kind of activities are machine and human cooperation, or in other words, human interferrence is necessary or "possible". And if such messing up is so done, we can't depend on what such system might direct humans to judge others by the outcome too much.... If the setting was so swapped, it is tragic.    We can deal with anything as long as it is what we actually said or done, but it is not so if someone else's deeds were placed on another, such as False Flag. If a program began to insist that it is able to tell what an individual is feeling without contacting the person, it at least ought to be "accurate", or at least "very close to truth", but should never be of somebody else's, or a forged data, or by mistake or intentionally swapped.  I don't know how one can deal with it...

   I happened to think that if there is an "EEG Monitoring Machine" out there...,
the machine is set to gather the EEG of completely somebody else's(!)... I can be 85% right in saying so.

   I have reason to suspect this kind of "swapping" as well as swapping of conventional information...

   Another unknown allegation...and thought what might cause others "to so strongly convinced wrongly" when there's nothing in me in reality... but if there were to be a conventional false information, or contemporary technology that give wrong answer,esp. if it is wrongly or deliberately customized to pick other individual's EEG as a particular individual...

   If not, I don't know where all those storm of ungrounded allegations are springing up from....

   Torrent of "misunderstanding or false allegations or off-the-target-assumptions? (or whatever else one calls it)" on me at once recently....I'm trying not to worry or dig it up too much...but misunderstanding or misgivings and any dellusional allegations without check are another hard thing to go through but I must end here. 

Thank you for reading. And May God in our perfect Man-God Saviour Jesus Bless your day.... if you are Chistian(s)...Some  or many of my recently discovered brothers and sisters are real blessings as well.


【scanned pics】My 2nd & 3rd LPs

   As far as I remember, I spent my second "monthly pay" from parents (some 45-ish years ago) on
Karl Richter's Bach Matthäus Passion[BWV244] (abridged)
and it's:


And the Third was
Karl Richter's Johannes Passion[BWV245] (Abridged)
& it's:


Now as I listen to Karl Richter’s Mattheus Passion(unabridged) 1971 on Youtube (mine is recorded in 1958、 Münchener Bach-Chor・Chorknaben),
I don't want to listen to any other Bach than Karl Richter's.... it's been so since I first owned these however...

I prefer 1971's than what I have.
They're extremely gifted, all of them...

(p/s:  The reason I bought "abridged" on both are because that's what the monthly pay afforded me to .)


What our "forgiveness now" might do for us when the justice is being met...etc...,a thought.

   I've been wondering exactly in what way "justice" does its unique works for our soul...
Firstly, I was quite sure that when we are taught "to forgive", we understand that it's something we are able to do.

   We also learned that "vengeance" belongs to God alone (Romans12:19 ; Hebrews 10:30); that, our side is not revenging (Ezekiel 25:3;6;8;12;15;26:2;35:5;10;12-13;36:2-3;...etc...) but we are responsible for forgiving, while leaving the just vengeance into God's work....

   However, practically, this teaching does not, and should not, imply that we ought to learn "to cease from seeking justice" ;  Seeking it might even perfect what the forgiving does for us. Certainly, the "forgiving" dare not mean to make us compromise our sense of justice.  We are to remain moral being, of course.

   Clarify the understanding about, and learn what justice demands... Forgiving will not become genuine without being familiar enough about justice as well....

   So wondering what exactly justice does, while nourishing our own souls to get familiar also with forgiving...?

   Recently, I had to experience a significant part of my precious sanctuary being profaned.

   It was where my parents lived. That was to me more significantly a sanctuary than I ever was aware of myself.
   When I witnessed an act of sacrilege, the devastation and disillusionment was incredibly greater than I could be prepared for.  It was not at all a personal loss of any kind. Nevertheless, it affected me as a fatal defilement done to my sanctuary. I changed; 
   Now, people don't seem to realize the connection between the report of that sacrilege and the grave change to my daily lifestyle (meaning , plainly saying, I ceased to live according to the rhythm the chrono time indicates...) I myself at first couldn't realize that was the only cause for the change.  I actually changed as my sanctuary (or "the third and the last sanctuary ON THE EARTH" in my soul) was profaned that way (which I am not going to say exactly what it was)(guess~!)

   Now, some time went by, and the justice to that sacrilege was in a very minor yet definite way was met.
   What this report did to my soul also was unexpected... The report of a met justice, although in a very minor way, did restore energy "back" to where it used to live within me. A very strange, surreal experience it was.
I struggled for a few hours till I came here how I should put this into words...

I am not sure if I can articulate it right...

   It's like a part of my soul which "died(not the right word...)" then was suddenly enlivened, with absolutely no effort of myself... As receiving a report of justice partly being met, a very depth "resumed" breathing, it also was as if some significant part of my soul, which was once removed of its "body", which therefore had to "exist(?) without a body," suddenly "regained" a visibility, or "was again coated with a flesh". It is sinomymous synonymous [←Corrected on 11thMarch2015: ...I'm sure I spelled this right from the start...(!)no?] to a state when a part of our soul, which "exists but not proven without our flesh being given", received a flesh and so regained visibility and it now can act, begins to breathe, and owns texture and colours onto itself...

   I'll try more;  ... it's like something that "exists" but because it's colourless and is totally transparent, therefore it was unable to reflect anything(such as light, heat, love...anyway, in short, according to the contemporary science, "vibrations") , but by a small report about justice partly being met, received a spray of colour over it, so we can now see it and feel it and touch it is receiving the body itself, making it visible again...

   We are told that, unlike Gnostic interpretations, our flesh is not by itself a vulgar or crude part at all. It's something very glorious part of ourselves.  God came, incarnated, He suffered and was resurrected in the flesh, and He will come in the flesh.

   I experienced though very briefly, when justice was restored to that part of the society, a part of me that once seemed as if killed, is re-receiving the live body again.  It reminded me of an explanation that our flesh is a shape of our soul... more exactly the person was saying that "our face is a shape of our soul"; that was his explanation. Many of us can agree with this somehow.  Our flesh is not a vulgar or crude part of our existence;  but it is in a way the very expression of our souls, and that gives our soul "energy and strength" and it breathes, e.g. "to express", "to send out messages", "reach out", "to give and take"...also educating, nourishing, maintaining ourselves through these as well...

  The part of my soul that was once lost when I first experienced my sanctuary being profaned, or when I was severely disillusioned as the report proved to me that such sanctuary is profaned, thus no longer exists as a sanctuary any more, means it(=sacrilege) virtually "killed" the part of my soul. Then when I received a minor report of the justice somehow being met, it was as if the report made the body/form back to that part of my soul ...

   This is a very strange, surreal experience.  I did NOT expect any personal restoration only by such report a single bit; it even proved to me that when I was so disillusioned was the moment my own lifestyle was so changed, I didn't realize that part of my soul was "killed" by that kind of dishonesty that made way into what's been held as such sanctuary to me.

   Now, what then our part of work, that is "forgiving", do in this?
It "might be" that it will prepare our soul; and preserve it right, in case, in the future, when it(soul) is healed by the work of justice, though that might(or might not) be met "while on earh" in the future, will come at least a certain distance away. It usually takes time because our soul needs time to be able to receive the news of justice in the right way, and then also to be able to receive the reward for the waiting period "more bountifully"! ... perhaps that is why we tend to suffer injustice very long. 

   When or if the justice to be met in a distant future, the outcome might not just be healing and joy(these are the "secured lot"!), but re-embodiment of the precious part of your soul that seemed like once "killed" is also promised.
   It will be restored totally, really, and "automatically" ...or probably the word for this is "REDEEMED" ... It'll probably depend on "whether" and "how" we learned to, tried to, "forgive and not revenge", and have "suffered for that in order to forgive". But NOT JUST THAT, I thought, but in the meantime, "with that incredible psychological pain" of injustice (i.e. "by choosing to suffer that pain as much as it goes"), whether we continued in pursuing "justice", and to never compromise our sense of justice. That means whatever we receive by the hands of those who ignore what is right, and yet still we never end up learning from its evil, that means, for example, our part remain being just and kind even towards such evil ones(Exodus Ch.23). Then when the time of the Redemption meets us in the future, we experience either good or fantastic, or else mangificent, majestic, or beyond heavenly...things, and these outcome will be depending on how we were going through such moment of suffering under injustice, in society, while we're on earth...?

   And I thought, interestingly, only experiencing it (i.e. such surreal experience of the once lost part of our soul receiving re-embodiment), though briefly and so faintly, "as if looking through a mirror(I Corinthians 13:12)", such a momentary experience "now" is already heavenly!
   A foretaste of the total and final and complete "Redemption" which is to come, saints!!!!

   Hope this will encourage you in your suffering as well as any God-given endurance of the moment!!


Keep your own psyche to preserve the virtue of arts

   Someone else's psyche is forced from outside occasionally, and when it happens, I experience how a totally different psyche listens to the music "I" listen to, and when the intruding soul was a bad one, and if it dominates, I will have to experiece a rotten emotion the intruding soul sends,
even though in fact the music itself is otherwise-glorious and magnificent!!!!
I "know" it's not myself, but of someone else's soul that is injected(?) probably in the forms of EEG & MEG by outside forces, it is as devastating as myself produced such "totally different,alien, unfamiliar" feelings.

   Now I am on the same geographic spot where the Lord Jesus revealed Himself as the Lord God, to my deepest soul 44 years ago...It was around this area in this room.

   I am now playing the same kind of music as when it happened. It was my father who chose that program on the TV; it was J.S.Bach's pipe organ recital.

   Christmas was the day I always looked forward to for the rest of the 364 days; As the Christmas day ends, I looked forward to the next Christmas day, with a kind of sad feeling faintly resembling that of a home-sickness.  In every Christmas season, my mother took me around the Christmas decoration stools, bying me a Card or two each year, letting me choose what I like off the shop shelf...

Thinking of that, it is peculiar as she was supposed to be holding"anti-religion" ideology herself, so to say, yet kept telling me about Jesus in this season as our Lord, that Christmas is when He was born for us, ... played Silent Night sonosheet at home...

   My parents started to give me a monthly pocket money from that Christmas on to enable me to collect Bach Recordings. And on every "pay-day" I used up the whole "pay" to buy a record(= plastic disk). [In fact, the amount of the pay was determined by the rough shop price per one LP !]

   The first record disk was Karl Richter's Bach Organ Recital; "Toccata und Fugue:Karl Richter Bach Organ Deluxe", which I still have here.[SCANNED IT now!]

BH f.bmpBH b3-n.bmp

   Our memory apparently has a fate of alteration every time we remember anything.
So every time we listen to an identical music, it seems to gradually alter the impressions and emotion altogether... but we desperately retain and if altered, restore the very original experience which we had when we first litstened to the particular music...

   The first time I began to discover that this room of mine was being bugged was when I was playing those pieces on my MIDI set.
I experienced "another subjective experience according to that alien=intrusive psyche so unfamiliar to me intruded into my experience, which couldn't interpret the music piece the way musical people can feel."
It was in a sense I had to experience not only my own, but at the same time "someone else -a bugger-" how she feels from this same piece of music.
It was like an experience of listiening to it with someone who didn't appreciate the music staying too close to me in a small room.
Only this time I was alone in my own private room!
   It suddenly dawned on me that the someone was buggin my room(!).
   I experienced that music her way at the same time, and it was like this majestic piece of Bach was in her soul so degraded into some background music(noise) that is streaming in some public areas in a shop or a waiting rooms in a train station(it wasn't an image of an airport at all; it was more like a local train platform).
I for the first time experienced how another soul that didn't appreciate I Misici's Vivaldi (it was I Musici's).
The piece was degraded by that soul to be so much*p(!)...

   The same thing was taking place tonight when I was playing Karl Richter's Bach on youtube like that...

   Nowadays we often suffer from "that disturbing" mental vibrations that intrude from outside ourselves, or injected into our phyche... A while before I played this Youtube's Bach, I was experiencing a kind of heavy drowsiness again. It made me feel as if I suddenly became "sleepy", but in fact later had to find out to be a sort of hypnotic alteration of my conscious state. I would dare call it a manipulative intrusion into my psyche... because "the entities" want to change(ruin) everything beautiful and original about humanity's psyche...

   When I listen to a favourite music like Bach, recently -and only recently- this sudden intrusion ... I don't know whether it's an actual person's EEG&MEG, or artificially recreated one from a machine, begins to disrupt my listening, that completely spoils the experience of beauty and the depth and the strength and the breadth and the riches and all the virtue of the music into something far, far less than what it ought to be.
It's an appaling experience to have the music's virtue to be ruined by that kind of a soul force itsr experience and contaminates my original and subjective experience of the glorious pieces, into something too shallow, narrow, [deleted] vulgar....everything that the "desensitized soul" represents...[deleted]..
...But that is NOT what the music ought to be. That's NOT at least what I experienced off those magnificent pieces, let alone the one I first received the revelation of the Creator 44 years ago!!!

   With that anger and indignation, the strangely sleepy hypnotic vibration was shaken off, and the ruling of my own heart was regained (probably because the indignation was of the right sort!), and suddenly the music I was listening (on youtube) restored that glorious and beyond earthly nature! The psyche is also back alive again.... It was obvious that the forceful drowsiness and the consequent altered(degraded) state of my consciousness was a forced one. And if we allow it somehow to dominate my mind, I can no longer experience the original beauty and glory and that magnificence of all things....
   I need to keep the original experience and in order for that, I should never allow anything like that to intrude into my psyche again. Experience alters our memory.  I shouldn't let it alter the original memory.[deleted]





ところで、いきなりですが、今朝起きざまに「まさか?」とハッとさせられた事があり、今、どうしても記事にしておくべきかと思い立ち、わざわざPCの電源を入れに来ました。それは何かというと、私のブログを尋ねた方々の中で私に(Plug Inに備えてあるアドレスを使って)メールを下さった方はおられますか?私には、個人からは一切届いておりません。
以前、ある人物がこのメールアカウントを使って私に成り済まし、ある知人に成りすましメールを出した形跡があったのですが、送り返されています。何人かの方々からも、返事をしない、という批判を仄めかされたこともあります。その他全ては書けませんが、まさか、私のメールアカウントを利用して、Plug Inに出してある私のYahooアカウントには反映されない形で、(一部を抜きってやり取りをするなど?)可能なのでしょうか?






また、ついでにはっきり申し上げますと、というか、既に過去記事に書いてきていることですが、どなたのサイトでも、矢路鳥があったのは以前の2010年の記事にあるとおりh¥の方々と、その関連の◎◎しに良くある。。。の肩へ、fc2でのIDでお返事をいただいておりましたが、それ以外で2010年に数件コメントを出してみましたが、ほとんどすべてが、返答もしてくれなかったので、もうどこにも書いておりません。ところが、いちいち返事をするな、などといった忠告まで受けていて、不審に思う件があるのですが、まさか、どこかで、私に成り済まして、または、成り済まし犯人自身の自演で、私と称していちいちどこかで遣り合っていることにされているのですか???  どうか、そういったサイトを(!)どうか、私をそういったサイトへ連れて行ってください。








【Revelation 12:10】

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,
is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ:

for the accuser of our brethren is cast down,













Almsgiving and Tithing

A number of people over the internet, whom I've never spoken to before,may have variety of delusions re:my "thinking" and "motivation" I have never had, which I have never even thought of.
I wonder why theyre so earily taken in by those "story of other's imagination"-
By the way, the following is my old blog entry that to do with "Almsgiving and Tithing".
It was a time when several "non-Christians individuals" began to beg donations on the Internet w/ own and new bank accounts info. as if we would send money(&actually many who sent to them). I thought I had to explain why Christians offer tithe and donations to the LORD'S WORKS,&the difference of it from the pagan concepts. In the article, I have tried to cover the point.

[The "mote" in the eyes of those Judges don't belong to me...]

[2016-02-02]  the following  "main body of this article" was completely deleted by someone, which I have discovered just now, and am therefore restored.(!)



His Ressurection Life in us

How could one "ressurect" without(or "before") being laid down? but Paul said in Philippians,"That I may know Him,and the power of His ressurection..."(1:29,2:6-11,3:10)

And again in Hebrew," make the captain of their salvation perfect through suffering."(2:10)

And again Jesus said,"Ought not Christ to have suefered these things,and to enter into His glory?"(Lk24:26)

The type is printed in every page of the Bible AND on the lives of the saints. The enduring messages throughout every century testifies to this type. And this seems to be the prominent part of what "none of the wicked shall understand."(Da12:10)

Again in Romans,"Nay,in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us."(8:37) for "all things work together for good to them that love God."(8:28)

In earlier verses,it says,"the sufferings of thes present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us."

Also in 2Timothy,we have another promise,"If we suffer,we shall also reign with Him:"

Every Cross they give us becomes our Crown:
Those torturers come back to us with yet another bully again and again, and every time we exhibit the Ressurection Life of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Who made abode in every "True" Christian's life.

No matter what those liars slander about us, a true Christian cannot be a "Fake Christian" like the one who wanted everyone to think it's "us" not "themselves" that are the "fake Christians." The Life Who is indwelling in every "true Christian" is NOT a fairy-tale unlike the slanderers think it is: It is the REAL PRESENCE of our Risen Lord and Saviour Jesus. He IS The Risen Lord. Every Cross they placed on us becomes the very oppotunity and the neccesary condition in which the Ressurection of our Lord is manifested. And be rest assured,saints,we mere saved humans have no part and power in this job but our Risen Lord; we cannot! He does! This living faith is getting solid every time they give us the cross.

The only reason the perpetrators chose us "True Christians" as targets of their bully is because:
〓someone lied to them that we are "false", and
〓none of them ever have met a "True" Christian before.

Even if we are martyed, we rise again. Before the time we are risen, there would be a hundred-folds of newly saved Christians born by it. They won't be able to diminish Christians; we only testify the Risen Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Introduction to this Blog


Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses,let us lay aside every weight,and the sin that is set before us,

Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.

For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself,lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.