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[Amended][ALTERED a bit.]About "The Divine Providence" thing...

[Added parts are this colour.]

This is a completely & absolutely & totally personal article, and is absolutely NOTHING to do with any secular huge group and organization. Only let me update my own little blog ..

   This will become a repetition because I already wrote about this before, but for my own personal reason, this is my new article.
  We took a Summer School curriculum in Vancouver when I was 12, for a month.

The plan on the way home was to stay in Los Angeles over night, visit the Disney land for a whole day, then to Hawaii the following day, and arrive back to Japan the next day. But for some unknown silly reason (we know it's a silly reason though we don't know exactly what it was that) we missed the plane(!). And we were stuck in Vancouver Airport till the Tour Conductors(?)(what do they call them? ...They were the only"adults" and the rest of us were all "kids"!) finds another replacement plane, when we were told that the plane we missed (from Vancouver to Los Angeles) was high-jacked (it was the summer of 1971, when the PLO was most active in high-jacking passenger planes all over the world).  And we remained stuck in Vancouver Airport till late at night. After we got on the replacement planes to Los Angeles, we had to get off at the Seattle Airport till early morning because of the incident.
  When we finally arrived to the hotel in Los Angeles, it was at about 4am-ish. Had a short sleep there, and enjoyed Disney Land for a shorter period than it was planned.. & got on the plane to Hawaii straightaway from Disney Land... Safely arrived to Hawaii, enjoyed there, and we were safely back home to Haneda that summer.
  I'd been always recalled it as one of those "luck",  but when I shared this to people both in the U.K. and wrote to people in the U.S.A., they all said that we were so divinely protected that we missed the high-jacked plane...

  We learn about God's providence in various ways. We learn and are told that we often find His plan by the way He opens and closes the doors.... Because of humanly instinct, bad desires & wrong motives, false information, etc., we long for one thing, but we also experience, almost invaluably, that although we can't know what would happen beforehand,  God either closes or open the door by causing even tragic things sometimes to let us do things we were not planned, or stop us from doing the stuff we thought we should do.... And later we find out why God caused it to be so. He protected us, or He directed us to the blessings we cannot see humanly. We can't know it "then",& ...the enemy won't know it better either.

Jn. 21:5-6
" 5. Then Jesus saith unto them, Children, have ye any meat? They answered him, No.
6. And he said unto them, Cast the net on the right side of the ship, and ye shall find. They cast therefore, and now they were not able to draw it for the multitude of fishes.";

Ge 50:20
"as for you, ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good..."

I was one of those who found out later that the dangers were evaded in this way many times, and blessings were the way only God can direct. Had we been swayed by other wrong reasons or voices (btw, the "audible" are usually NOT god as they apparently present themselves? I think our God doesn't basically need that way)[Added:When Christians talk to each other with a phrase, "God spoke...", it's an expression when we prayerfully received a firm conviction on a concrete issue accompanying sincere prayers, etc., and not "reporting" hallucinatory experience. It's an expression. And I also am sure God won't tell anyone to do something horrible like that to someone else which His precepts won't back up...],...we miss God's direction sometimes. I think God's way to do this(=showing His will) only when we are regularly and constantly(-enough) seeking His Way and trying to walk right that we can perhaps know it. For example, if we were drunk, breathing with "smoked lungs(=燻製肺)"(I think smoking doesn't harm our "spiritual life"; but the "fashion" is not fitting to a Christian, and for this reason I think it shouldn't be so.), and doing everything they do and get drugged, and then even if you suddenly needs the right direction, and ask Him in that state, I don't think you can discern His direction that conveniently.)

  I think it is a very difficult thing to know "God's will" of course, and this article is NOT about how to do that!!!!!
When it is beyond what we could possibly divert, or head towards, God can even cause some silly mistakes to direct us to, ... like missing that airplane as we had, for example, in a way we only find out later how we were directed rightly.... (I am not even trying to say that there is a person who is ALWAYS on the right path at all the time!, or we ought to be THAT flawless!! I am trying to write "that I might have been protected many ways again")
  And I just thought about it... as I meant to (and so longed to) go back to the place I lived so long, which I meant to honour and go back within 1-2 year...which didn't happen as planned, and didn't happen even after years....... Had I been close touch with any of them, God knows my character traits, I might have forced my way back there? I wouldn't know. But may be, as I heard a news report apparently issued about a week ago from there, Might I have been kept in here by God's Will..... ?
  God often uses even "problems" to protect us from ... "things"... or delay it (for some active reason).