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"Excuse me" ...from this blog as well(!)

[Feb.,25th night: The original of this article( had a mark that "someone else" entered into my edit page, so the original will be unpublished and this is the replacement. Thanks.]
  I wonder if anybody is lying to you again ??????????????? ???????????????????
Well, I updated my other blog , which is "『組織ストーカー』/『聖書の預言』:Organised Stalking/Bible Prophecy " which I wrote in Japanese with my new blog article from my  "Away from "***"" which was also written in Japanese, about "Foreign Language acquisition for us japanese", I added (in the ppreface) the fact that someone in those "cowards' den(they make multiple nicknames for themselves and hide behind those)", intended to associate their own writings of some "sick contents" with "me", which is bothersome and nuissance, but I myself ISAM NOT IN THERE, Please....

I am not that kind of personality. ( <- There is a possibility for improvement or productivity IF it's really about the person(now "me"), but one can do absolutely nothing if people mistake me with the person completely someone else, which I am "not".  )