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My personal information might still be deliberately mixed up with my perp?

   The person who made 2 long phone-calls to a relative aunt who lives slightly too far to see each other often, and made her listen to my problem [ 1st: that I have been having hard time being peeped by some peeping high tech all the time and this and that concerning it, and , 2nd phone was about someone whom I have had no particular ill feeling towards is still writing nasty innuendoes or malicious suspicion which I or any of my family had no idea about, something someone might have digged up from 15-20 years old lies about us, which we had no knowledge of, which is quite obviously false to anybody who can think and see and hear properly, that if someone ever wants to believe such an obvious lie could only do so because they "want" such horrible story to be true, which is nasty... etc......  (the person who made these 2 phone calls to a relative )] WAS "ME"!!!  please... NOT some one you might have been deceived to be someone who is "suffering from "me"(It's "ME" who is suffering from those allegations, trolls and lies and negative propaganda for a long time. The Victim and the perp is inserted the other way round, most probably done deliberately?)

I received another messed up attack(?) with contents as if the phone calls were someone "I" am bullying(!!!!!!)

I and my perp are swapped! This is extremely cruel, by swapping the victim and the perp, the victim is attacked and criticized as the very contents  the victim is "done"(!) So whenever the person is damaged, the person damaged is attacked as the perp who made the damage(!).

   Anyway, the person who made 2 phone calls yesterday to a relative aunt was "ME" and the relative is a sibling of one of my father who built this home some 45-ish+ years ago and we moved here when I was about 10-11 years old. [Deleted]
   The second phone call was about a self-calling Christian man near the Capital of this Country, whom I have had no particular ill feeling at all but they seem to like to believe shocking evil lies about me perhaps they wished it to be so, otherwise no one would ever believe that sort of lie really...

Thanks for reading.

[Added about 10 minutes later] ...Perhaps the perp herself is calling my aunt just like I do...that's why both my aunt (...she sometimes begins to give me advice I NEVER needed to, and I once had to ask her not to confuse me with someone else such as that perp.) and the buggers all got mixed up...

[Typo amended on the 8th, Feb.,2017 @ 1:16-ish]