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Is there any venomous article posing as mine again...?

  10:02am(japan) of 13th, December,2016.

Articles ( or anything I wrote on Internet other than my shoppings) are only as follows:

    I do not know anything else.
In the meantime, I just realised that, as I mentioned about it in the articles above, that perp person who had been furiously writing and vomiting poisons, often posing as me by various means, began to furiously write with venom again recently, which was the cause of why I had to write those recent 3 articles regarding issues that had been occurring around my home and internet.  I have no idea anyone other than perps near here had to be offended in any way by those 3 articles because the content is absolutely nothing to do with people other than a part of locals, as you understand from the content. If you think any part of those 3 recent articles of mine (above) were anything to do with people far away, let alone abroad, I suspect the malicious "evil and deliberately faked translation and someone in between are faking the content. So, I urge, if that was the case, you to really check it, please.  Or, as it dawned on me now, which mainly motivated me now to write this, that is there any possibility that you are informed (=missmis- informed) that there are some other sites existing that you are told isas "my site(s) (blog or something)"??  As I have been repeating in my blogs, all sites I created and am able to write (only myself because no one comes to join) are as you find in the plugins of my blogs including on this particular blog site, asand those are as follows:

My Other Sites
1, Ye Olde De-Backsliding Blog fc2
2, コピペできる聖書サイト
3, 心に蘇る御言葉を英語聖書で
4, 『組織ストーカー』/『聖書の預言』:Organised Stalking/Bible Prophecy
5, Organized Stalking/Bible Prophecy
6, Twitter[mixedtribes]
7, 【新設!!出来たての…】My Playroom【…ホカホカ!!新設】
8, mixedtribesのブログ(Yahoo)[放置状態]
9, mixedtribesのブログ(Livedoor)[放置状態]
10, Away from "***"
11, Wanted-Sheepの日記(hatena diary)
12, mixedtribes's blog(hatena blog)[新築工事中]
13, Youtube(mixedtribes)[放置状態]
15,【そして、ここ】Ye Olde De-Backsliding Blog
16:Ye Olde DeBacksliding Blog 《Livedoor Edition》
17: Pinterest
my sites.PNG
If it is the case that you are told that there is any other site(s) as mine, please check who is doing it, and if possible, please let me obtain the site information as well.  I myself have not been too meticulous in trying to find a fake site posing as mine, and have not found many. Some I found are mentioned in my past blogs but as I checked the follow-ups of those sites, they don't seem to deceive people too heavily any longer and became quite harmless and in some way quite obviously presenting it as their owns and not mine, so I am leaving it as is.  
  Please let me repeat that I have no idea what could cause people in distant places to ever mistake any part of what I wrote or said or thought or felt could offend people there.... (again?)
  So, could you please check that information if any that might have indicated to your side as if anything in my article could possibly anything to do with you or cause any offence to anyone far away...
  If anything was published at about the same period as I wrote the above 3 latest blogs that was anynothing to do with people far away, please check the translation and or the source and the true identity of the author(s) again, please. I have no idea why, if any, those 3 latest articles could cause anything to people far away otto be offended in whatsoever the way.

[Proof-read and made corrections(eg. acbabc ) [01:20-ish of 17th, December, 2016 (JPN)]
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