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[Youtube]"MARK TAYLOR'S PROPHECY OF DONALD TRUMP 4/8/16" & one more

   I was trying to retrieve my bookmarked Youtube but it's in my old broken PC...
So I searched on Youtube inserting several words that might have been in it, and what I found and am gping to share in this blog is a part of it:


[Transcript will follow later... ]
[Part done,from important bits first...The rest filling will follow.]icon_koujityuu08.gif

"God gave me General Eisenhower's speech.  He said I want you to go back to that speech, and I want you to rewrite it and address it to my army."

"Which speech?"

"The D-Day speech.
So I went back and took the DDay speech, and I rewrote it, addressing it to God's army. Well I didn't know what to do with it at that time so I went and posted it to the site with the rest of the stuff.
Fast forward to 2015.
I thought I had missed all that stuff.
All of the sudden, took (a Crown? the ____ )Americal fellow in 2015, and I went and phoned to my sister, and she said 'O my gosh, what day is today?' and I said 'DDay' 
And I had the Lord said 'Release the speech. 10days later, Donald Trump annouced he's running for the president. And I went Oh my goodness!
So I pulled all my stuff out these three things I have set aside for use. And all of a sudden everything came together in one shot.
Now, in the prophecy, ...I had to ask the Lord, Had I missed ?"
and He sais "No."
He said "All of this was supposed to happen in 2012, but He says
'My people weren't ready."
He said 'I held it off.'
He said go back and look at the horse that ran in 2012, because horse ran 2 races but lost the last one.
And I almost thought of a kind of a peculiar name
And He says 'I have another'
And I thought it meant I have another drink? or something...
And the Lord said 'No. I have another one coming.' 
That's what He meant.

It's because 'My people the Church was not ready, then need 3 or 4 more years of this garbage with Obama going on...until the righteous anger rise up and say 'enough is enough'.
So that's how all my stuff came together and... in 10 day period, June 16th, Donald Trump annouces his running.

"...Sure! Go ahead~!"

So I titled The Prophecy Commander of Chief, and says 'The Spirit of God says 'I have chosen this man Donald Trump for such a time as this , for as MBeniamin Nayaniahu is to Israel , so shal this man be to the United States of America.
For I will use this man to bring honour, respect and rstoration to America; America will be respected once again as the most powerful and prosperring nation on earth as

"The Spirit of God says 'The enemy will quake and shake in fear of this man I have annointed.
They will even shake and quake    



"Looking at this prophetic word;"...the Spirit of God says  that I have chosen this man Donald Trump for such a time as this..."  What's that mean to you?"

"That means he was 'CALLED' not 'CHOSEN'.  There is a difference.  Just like Joseph which was CALLED but was not CHOSEN.
 So Donald Trump had been CHOSEN and his whole life building his empire has been to prepare him for the season that is coming up right now.  That means 'Right Now'.
And in order to turn America around.  ANd one thing I'd like to point out is that when he's announce is like a shock around the world, like foi\und in the second paragraph.
&The Lord told me to go back and research June16th.
So I went back, and I couldn't find anything.
And I said "Lord I can't find anything." and He said #Go back to WWII." So I went back to WWII, and June16th 1945 that was the day they made the decision to drop the Atomic Bomb.
Now, that was not to shock around the world for what it is.
So you mean that's a coincidence that annouced it the same day? that it's going to be like a bomb going off when he annouces?because this mas was known worldwide."

"The Prophecy even says that it quake and shale when he announces he's running?"


[My Clips taken from FOX NEWS LIVE STREAM(Youtube)]


"The enemy will say 'what shall we do now? This man knows our tricks and schemes."

"True. Absolutely How many times have we

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(Hopeful so uploaded...)

"Mark Taylor's New Prophetic Word 10-30-16"