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I cannot access my Blog as it began tofreeze again

Now as I tried to access by Blog site in order to correct my wrong words in the article, my PC freezes up and had to press the power off and restart.

( There also were quite a few Gang Stalkers actively and quite intensely making noise and things this morning, and I understood that they didn't like my new blog uploading....although I don't know whether they didn't like the contents, or "the very act of updating my own blog", however~ , )

Therefore I am attempting to upload this to my blog from my e-mail.
Then after this, I shall upload the previous article "AMENDED"-version.of the earlier article.

Whenever the site became accessible to myself, I will delete the earlier version. Till then, 2 same article will appear before&after this mail...

Now, let's see if this works all right~~

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