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【Youtube】"Coming Global Collapse - September to December"

Coming Global Collapse - September to December


[1:26:10- ]
And when, as the prophets cried out,    
When sin is enshrined, or is viewed as good, then righteousness is viewed as evil.
And so a warning has come; a persecution.
Not just from the pulpits, but from the supreme court itself.
Every member of the four descenting? judges has issued a warning to the effect, that believes, Christiaans in effect, will be persecuted.
A change has come. And there is an ominous message here.
So the word "shemitah" can mean "the fall" .
In the shemitah in 1973, there was amoral, spiritual fall...

One of the principles of the Scripture is that Judgment is often preceded by an act of desecration.
Ezekiel was in the Temple; when (he was) shown by God the desecration of the Holy Place that has been committed there. And then he was shown the judgment that was coming.
Daniel was in Babylon when in Babylon, they had a feast, a party, a celebration, to the gods.
And the king of Babylon sent for the Holy sacred vessels of God that was taken from the temple of Jerusalem to be brought out into the party... and to be used as Drinking vessels as they partied to the gods. And as the did it, a hand appeared on the wall.
And wrote words in Aramaic - the so call "The Handwriting on The Wall"; the words warned that judgment was coming. And that night, the judgment came to Babylon.
 What happened this summer "to take what is of God, "... Marriage is a vessel ,a secred vessel of God.
To take it and use that as a vessel as the temple vessels, to use against the purpose, for another purpose, ans against the purpose of God and thw Word of God, IS AN ACT OF DESECRATION.
And that lead to drink wine in Babylon from secred vessels of God - and that portends judgment.