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the meaning of "false flag"...etc.

I thought  the expression"False Flag" meant that

1, "A" harms itself pretending as if it was a certain "B" who has done it, and cause the third party, being deceived, will blame, criticise and attack "B", when in fact it was "A" itself who did it to itself. It was intended to deceive others to think it was "B" who harmed "A" itself, so "B" will be blamed, as the false allegation was placed on "B";
2, "A" harms "C" pretending as if it was "B" who did it, so, by being deceived, "C" and the general third party will attack and blame "B", when in fact it was "A" who did it, intending to cause the false allegation being placed on "B".

   By the way, another issue: There also is a tendency of judgment based on false information, or something that was about a half hour of incident, for example, of 10 or 20 , or even 40 years ago, being told as if it is the general condition or characteristics of a certain individual throughout 24/7 365 x for 10-20~ years..... as if it's a "permanent" flaw. This method of attack is said to be typical of the North k....  Communists' brainwashing prison to change the prisoners there to make a desirable (behavioural?) change (communists or something)... i.e. by stretching a small portion of the prisoners' negative information and talk as if it is the general characteristics ...  I do not understand when we make up our mind on a person we know nothing about, and pent up negative emotion on the person we have never met... it is confusing especially because it is not about an aspect one can observe, but more about inside emotional state and spiritual condition of the person we know nothing about, or never talked to the person about it at all..... These are one of the most difficult side to understanding someone else correctly, to understand other person's heart.... We actually meet, and talk, and at last beginning to find out the truth of the person, and gradually.  It will not be known other than actual communication.... but we tend to confuse own imagination with the reality of the person we don't really know about...
  Is there "an order" to only meditate on a target individual wickedly, until we successfully manage to hypnotize ourselves, or brainwash ourselves, to unswervingly feel hostile towards them automatically...? and if we think nice just naturally toward them, we will be punished, ...or something like that....?

   I feel more and more on Internet and mass media are for propaganda and less and less of true reports....
( Although I am a target, I never know which urge to write or say out of good intention toward someone "D" might be to be published on some specific timing for someone "E" I don't know to read, and convinced it was for "E" and "E" I don't know is secretly hurt.... ? )