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The "Would-be EEG Monitoring Machine" ...

[2015-10-19 11:00-ish] ADDED:  I have re-checked about the EEG Cloning issues & The so-called "Remote Neural Monitoring" quoickly on internet.  And I agree that what they call the "RNM" is only(?) an advanced method of analysing EEG/MEG, optical data, temperature, etc. and other physical data they can detect both in invasive and non-invasive manners. Adding such analyses to every other advanced reading from what an individual have already issued (e.g. vocally/written/and inner-voicing) expressions, there should be extremely advanced way to already detect one's thoughts and choices, even including pre-cognitive concepts before the person could articulate it.... But it can be very innacurate at the same time.  What I recently experience was that a part of the inland group's analysis end to be too off the track. That makes me wonder whether the information is intentionally messed up/swapped or forged with someone else's. In the past, I experienced that when(ever) I thought about a personA, a person B reacted immediately and in very disturbing manner, as if I ever thought about the person, or someone said I did, though I didn't at all; and when I felt very negatively about personB, the personA quickly reacted with expressions of denial of alleged contents and was very hurt by it...but it was always when I thought about B; and I happened to notice that the "setting" of the analysis was made that way either deliberately or by mistake; i.e. my concepts about person A & B were set the wrong way round.  I think there is a setting for their "attempt" to read people's minds using variety of methods, because we usually don't have to narrate own thinking to ourselves, neither do we indicate the subject and object's names. So they need to be able to identify it, but can go wrong this way. If it can go wrong, it can also be intentionally abused so someone can deliberately set personA's mental data with personB's mind data.  If such abuse exists, we shoud really be extremely careful, and we ought not to be over gurrible at machine's such sensitive answers.  I understand this kind of activities are machine and human cooperation, or in other words, human interferrence is necessary or "possible". And if such messing up is so done, we can't depend on what such system might direct humans to judge others by the outcome too much.... If the setting was so swapped, it is tragic.    We can deal with anything as long as it is what we actually said or done, but it is not so if someone else's deeds were placed on another, such as False Flag. If a program began to insist that it is able to tell what an individual is feeling without contacting the person, it at least ought to be "accurate", or at least "very close to truth", but should never be of somebody else's, or a forged data, or by mistake or intentionally swapped.  I don't know how one can deal with it...

   I happened to think that if there is an "EEG Monitoring Machine" out there...,
the machine is set to gather the EEG of completely somebody else's(!)... I can be 85% right in saying so.

   I have reason to suspect this kind of "swapping" as well as swapping of conventional information...

   Another unknown allegation...and thought what might cause others "to so strongly convinced wrongly" when there's nothing in me in reality... but if there were to be a conventional false information, or contemporary technology that give wrong answer,esp. if it is wrongly or deliberately customized to pick other individual's EEG as a particular individual...

   If not, I don't know where all those storm of ungrounded allegations are springing up from....

   Torrent of "misunderstanding or false allegations or off-the-target-assumptions? (or whatever else one calls it)" on me at once recently....I'm trying not to worry or dig it up too much...but misunderstanding or misgivings and any dellusional allegations without check are another hard thing to go through but I must end here. 

Thank you for reading. And May God in our perfect Man-God Saviour Jesus Bless your day.... if you are Chistian(s)...Some  or many of my recently discovered brothers and sisters are real blessings as well.