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About "Disinformation under forged ID" again...

   As I have been writing (in Japanese), I am troubled by a "FAKE "me"(="spam writings" on Internet elsewhere), pretending as if it is my writing, the someone has been writing unnice disinformation of me, distortion, deception, total made-up stories, and mostly about confession(?) of the person's own real problems "using my name or ID" on Internet, usually both where they think I cannot find, and they know where I regularly visit, deceiving people so that the readers believe those are "my" problems... The fake writings usually are mixed with the person's own truly existing problems so it is very convincing, creating it in a form of shameful confessions (the person confesses own problems under my name, or mix the details with mine to do it so that the readers are convinced that it is surely my writings!). The person seems to have problems with own reality or not able to love and accept own self, having needs to find other to carry own problems in public and instead positive aspects of others are told as if it is own; in short the person seems to have a desperate need to swap oneself with someone else, in this case, me.... )

   And it seems possible that the person is "still" doing it using someone who can write English to send it to English speaking side of the world. It might have been going on for a long time.  The crime seems to have been ceasing within Japan, but it is likely that the person is still continuing it abroad using someone who can use English, probably via Christian contacts.

   As you can see, at the right side of my Blog in the Plug-In area, I am listing "MY OWN SITES"(I placed it because of this crime being done), the list you can find are the only places where I am writing on Internet.
If there has been in any "e-mail" that contain such suspicious contents, I trust you investigate the sender thoroughly as well as any Internet writings other than the site among the list you find at either side(depending on the Template designs) for the listings of "all" the sites "I" created and am writing. And Nowhere else is mine, neither any comment written in other sites are by me, as I have been refraining from writing especially if one could forge the name(such as aonymous sites, to avoid getting the criminal's attetion or they might escalate)(just for the time being).
Recently I tried a Chat room, but have not been trying whether it works or not any more.
I have never done it in the past and am not familiar but world be nice if I could join a Christian exchange. I however have not been at all writing any "anonymous" place at all because of this "fake writings" problems.
I thought it might be safe in English, but seems it also is in trouble.
Please check it completely because I haven't joined on chat anywhere yet.

E-mails seem problem for a long time, as it all stopped completely at one specific season roughly (nearly) 10 years ago....  It needs thorough investigation but I have not written to cause people to reject or stop any correspondence, unless any of my response didn't reach the recipients which caused all the correspondences to determine to stop expecting a reply from me. However, I received persistent system messages that indicated that my e-mails were rejected when I wasn't writing to the person(s)...It also was nearly ten years ago. It was when I was frequently buying old Christian books of good kinds off eBay, Amazon marketplace, Abe Books, and the like. --- These are about the past, just as an example of the process to which I have arrived to this day...

   If it is actually my writing(s), I will be able to respond or explain regarding the contents if there was any problem.
  But if people were reading things I never knew, that caused sudden stops, that's what I terribly worry.
I have been seeking a solution to it; therefore, I am left now only to ask people TO INVESTIGATE THE INFORMATION AND WRITINGS (IF IT IS WRITTEN IN THE WAY THE READERS ARE LED TO ASSUME IT IS "I" WHO HAVE WRITTEN). 
  As you can see, if you check, I have been questioning whether MY OWN sites like here are forged, and if it is not appearing the way I wrote, it would also be a dreadful problem, but I suspect it's not the case for the time being.
  Remembered that my Twitter: I wasn't receiving part of personal messages. When I checked my Twitter reports in my e-mail too late, there were several personal messages I have never received then. Also I was receiving tweets the person I followed never wrote.

   I must ask because of this situation, readers to make sure the information and writings to be authentic.
If it is done via Christians organization or groups, (and it is more likely now), it's harder for us to become suspicious, but as long as there is such cases, aiming at good and kind and caring Christians to receive fake writings, I only have to ask to be careful. 

Unless it is authentically mine, I have no way of knowing why this person or that is upset or offended or else, there is nothing I can do unless I am given a chance to be challenged directly.

Thank you.