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【Youtube】M5.2in Sinai Penninsula,and the Mt.Eilat was shook as well(!)..and... "Next!?!?"

『【Youtube】イスラエル/シナイ半島でM5.2で、EILAT山も揺れて…次は…?』 の、”YeOlde” Version。

イスラエル(シナイ半島&エジプトも含む)で大きめの地震(M5.2)があり、エラト山?(カタカナで書くとどうなるの?)Mt. Eilatも揺れて、
従って、かの第三の神殿の資金だけでなく内装に必要な分にも回せるほどの大量の金($1~10Billion 分)の埋もれている山だとのことですが、それも揺れたということになるようですね。

PROPHECY ALERT: "Earthquake 5.2 Hits Israel" Shakes The City Of Gold...

[長さ of this video=5:36]


" ... that they found gold in Mount Eilat. &The gold is between 1 and ten billion dollars od gold of which they want to use for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
Now the reason why I bring this up is because the earthquake that hit today at 5.2 shook Mount Eilat...."

"...and shook the Mount Eilat where the gold is- the gold which is going to be used for the funding and the inside plating of the Third Temple.
  How important is that?? Because the Antichrist will walk in there, and will perform the ”[ Abonemat... Obomona... Abonemati... Abeのna... Obemon... Abobon... Avebo... スペルが…!!] Abomination of Desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet;”  referred to by Jesus Christ as the End-Time Milestone in Matthew 24:15; and was explained to you in the Second Thessalonians 2 by the apostle Paul about the Antichrist, known as "The Wicked One", or "The son of perdition", "the lawless one"."

"  We are living in The Last Days when God is setting the table.
  Are you saved??
Biblican Signs! We are on the edge of The Eternity, folks!
We're at the blink of the Beast you see in the NWO and the Illuminati will rise.
We're on the edge of Eternity.
We're at The Apocalyptic hour!
Something Biblical is going on with the signs of the Second Coming of The Christ.
Are you saved? Don't be left out. Give your life to Jersus Christ."  

"We're running out of Time."

"We're running out of Time."(=ここだけ翻訳すると…) 「もう時間が無い。」
【"S.[主語]+ run out of O.[=something]"= 「使い果たす」、在庫や容器の中身などが「無くなる」)

     " running out of (something)."=「もうすぐ(s.thが)無くなる(警告風)」
     "...has run(完了形の"run") out of (something)."=「もう(s/thが)無くなったよ。」

  現在進行形="S. is/are running out of O."=「もうすぐ」で底を突く。[このフレーズのS.は普通I/we/など、何かが底を突くときに問題な主語なのが普通。]
O.が"TIME"("[be] running out of time." or "the time is running out.")は決まり文句風で、「もう時間がない!(警告風)」で、無くなってしまってからはもういちいち使わない表現。】