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Keep your own psyche to preserve the virtue of arts

   Someone else's psyche is forced from outside occasionally, and when it happens, I experience how a totally different psyche listens to the music "I" listen to, and when the intruding soul was a bad one, and if it dominates, I will have to experiece a rotten emotion the intruding soul sends,
even though in fact the music itself is otherwise-glorious and magnificent!!!!
I "know" it's not myself, but of someone else's soul that is injected(?) probably in the forms of EEG & MEG by outside forces, it is as devastating as myself produced such "totally different,alien, unfamiliar" feelings.

   Now I am on the same geographic spot where the Lord Jesus revealed Himself as the Lord God, to my deepest soul 44 years ago...It was around this area in this room.

   I am now playing the same kind of music as when it happened. It was my father who chose that program on the TV; it was J.S.Bach's pipe organ recital.

   Christmas was the day I always looked forward to for the rest of the 364 days; As the Christmas day ends, I looked forward to the next Christmas day, with a kind of sad feeling faintly resembling that of a home-sickness.  In every Christmas season, my mother took me around the Christmas decoration stools, bying me a Card or two each year, letting me choose what I like off the shop shelf...

Thinking of that, it is peculiar as she was supposed to be holding"anti-religion" ideology herself, so to say, yet kept telling me about Jesus in this season as our Lord, that Christmas is when He was born for us, ... played Silent Night sonosheet at home...

   My parents started to give me a monthly pocket money from that Christmas on to enable me to collect Bach Recordings. And on every "pay-day" I used up the whole "pay" to buy a record(= plastic disk). [In fact, the amount of the pay was determined by the rough shop price per one LP !]

   The first record disk was Karl Richter's Bach Organ Recital; "Toccata und Fugue:Karl Richter Bach Organ Deluxe", which I still have here.[SCANNED IT now!]

BH f.bmpBH b3-n.bmp

   Our memory apparently has a fate of alteration every time we remember anything.
So every time we listen to an identical music, it seems to gradually alter the impressions and emotion altogether... but we desperately retain and if altered, restore the very original experience which we had when we first litstened to the particular music...

   The first time I began to discover that this room of mine was being bugged was when I was playing those pieces on my MIDI set.
I experienced "another subjective experience according to that alien=intrusive psyche so unfamiliar to me intruded into my experience, which couldn't interpret the music piece the way musical people can feel."
It was in a sense I had to experience not only my own, but at the same time "someone else -a bugger-" how she feels from this same piece of music.
It was like an experience of listiening to it with someone who didn't appreciate the music staying too close to me in a small room.
Only this time I was alone in my own private room!
   It suddenly dawned on me that the someone was buggin my room(!).
   I experienced that music her way at the same time, and it was like this majestic piece of Bach was in her soul so degraded into some background music(noise) that is streaming in some public areas in a shop or a waiting rooms in a train station(it wasn't an image of an airport at all; it was more like a local train platform).
I for the first time experienced how another soul that didn't appreciate I Misici's Vivaldi (it was I Musici's).
The piece was degraded by that soul to be so much*p(!)...

   The same thing was taking place tonight when I was playing Karl Richter's Bach on youtube like that...

   Nowadays we often suffer from "that disturbing" mental vibrations that intrude from outside ourselves, or injected into our phyche... A while before I played this Youtube's Bach, I was experiencing a kind of heavy drowsiness again. It made me feel as if I suddenly became "sleepy", but in fact later had to find out to be a sort of hypnotic alteration of my conscious state. I would dare call it a manipulative intrusion into my psyche... because "the entities" want to change(ruin) everything beautiful and original about humanity's psyche...

   When I listen to a favourite music like Bach, recently -and only recently- this sudden intrusion ... I don't know whether it's an actual person's EEG&MEG, or artificially recreated one from a machine, begins to disrupt my listening, that completely spoils the experience of beauty and the depth and the strength and the breadth and the riches and all the virtue of the music into something far, far less than what it ought to be.
It's an appaling experience to have the music's virtue to be ruined by that kind of a soul force itsr experience and contaminates my original and subjective experience of the glorious pieces, into something too shallow, narrow, [deleted] vulgar....everything that the "desensitized soul" represents...[deleted]..
...But that is NOT what the music ought to be. That's NOT at least what I experienced off those magnificent pieces, let alone the one I first received the revelation of the Creator 44 years ago!!!

   With that anger and indignation, the strangely sleepy hypnotic vibration was shaken off, and the ruling of my own heart was regained (probably because the indignation was of the right sort!), and suddenly the music I was listening (on youtube) restored that glorious and beyond earthly nature! The psyche is also back alive again.... It was obvious that the forceful drowsiness and the consequent altered(degraded) state of my consciousness was a forced one. And if we allow it somehow to dominate my mind, I can no longer experience the original beauty and glory and that magnificence of all things....
   I need to keep the original experience and in order for that, I should never allow anything like that to intrude into my psyche again. Experience alters our memory.  I shouldn't let it alter the original memory.[deleted]