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2012年03月22日 Horse..

Today I have received many extremely helpful and encouraging Blog and Homepage messages in my Twitter Timeline.
One is this; please visit the site as well... - How the apostates take over (Part 2)

THURSDAY, MAR 22, 2012|

How the apostates take over (Part 2)

The apostates are like the ancient Greeks who destroyed the city of Troy by offering them an apparently innocent gift -- the Trojan horse. Thepeople of Troy willingly took the deceptive symbol of peace and moved itwithin their walls. Later, under cover of night, Greek soldiers crept out of the giant horse, opened the city gates, and ushered in the enemy army.

As with Troy, apostates today take over the church through means that seem innocent at first. For that reason, Bible-believing Christians must stand at the watch tower and be prepared to defend biblical truth, even when the threat seems harmless. If not, many more Christian leaders will go to their graves with deep, deep regret....

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