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   Before starting to present the Excerpts, it might be better to state my conclusion:
As in all documents and records of the simiar accounts elsewhere in the world hold apparently draw the same or simlar conclusion, and it is that there is only one category of people who withstand these, and these are the ones who prevail always; and it is "Christians". 
  Our Lord Jesus Christ shall be with us all way, and He shall come soon,  and He is our Life Eternal.

   Excerpts  from 3 documents : 1, from "Fox's Book of Martyrs" to see how the then pope issued Inquisitions in Spain to persecute Protestants; 2, from "Brainwash" by Edward Hunter regarding an identical method as above decument, to torture the captives and to brainwash them into confessing Communism; 3, from Cisco Wheeler's account in her Book "Illuminati Formula to Create...M/C Slaves", also recpording another identical method to create their Mind-Controled slaves , and this "Identical Method" is, "to isolate the subject", and "rob their original friends and families contacts" and "to force the subject(s) psychologically to try to induce false&forced-confessions of some sin to whcih the subject(s) is totally innocent about with persistent innuendoes and condemnations", while "attacking their personalities to defreeze".  

   In the 1st of the Excerpts, the author writes as follows,

"      When the inquisitors have taken umbrage against a person, all expedients are used to facilitate condemnation;
nothing being easier than to ruin an innocent person..."

This venomous activities to attack and change a person's mind has still been active even in our time...



   In the time of pope Innocent III., the reformed religion had occasioned such a moise throughout Europe that the catholics began to fear their church was in danger and the pope accordingly instituted a number of inquisitors - persons who were to make inquiry after, apprehended, and punish heretics.  At the head of these was Diminic, who had been canonized.  He and the other inquisitors spread themselves into various Roman Catholic countries, and treated the Protestants with the utmost severity.  At length the pope, not finding them so useful as he hoped, resolved to establish fixed and regular courts of inquisition;  the first of them, of which Dominic became the inquiaitor- general, was in Toulouse.



   When the inquisitors have taken umbrage against a person, all expedients are used to facilitate condemnation;
false oaths and testimonies are employed to find the accused guilty,
and all laws and institutions are sacrificed to satiate the most bigoted vengeance...


   Innocence, on such an occasion, is a weak reed; nothing being easier than to ruin an innocent person.
   The mildest sentence is imprisonment for iife...

  When he is brought before the consistory... one of the inquisitors replies,
"Your hearing is ―confess the truth, conceal nothing, and rely on onr mercy."
 If...he declares his innocence, they torment him till he either dies with pain, or confesses himself guilty.

   On the re-examination of such as confess, they continually say,
"You have not been sincere: you tell not all..."

...and when those who proclaim their innocence are re-examined a crucifix is held before them,
...if they ackowledge they are, a string of accusations is brought against them, ...


The Story of Men Who Defied It
Edward Hunter

Pyramid Books,
New York. Farrar,
Straus and Cudahy

published May 1956
Fifth Printing, February 1968.



. . . . . . (omitted 3 paras.) . . . . . . .
  The usual Red tactic then is to leave the prisoner alone.  The Russian communists usually do it for a few weeks or some months, allowing the tenseness to draw tight, like a noose, before they begin their questioning or give him any idea what it is all about.  The Chinese are more patient.  They leave the prisoner this way for many months, even a year or two, without providing a clue as to why he is being held.

  The agonized victim tortures himself thinking up every possible blunder he might have made, even by omission, every possible act of his that might be considered a crime under far-fetched communist law and its all-embracing theory of responsibility.  Whom did he know; whom had he met? So, without a word being said, long before his first formal interrogation, each man desperately probes his mind and soul for personal guilt.  Soon he stops figuring about whether he will confess that will satisfy the authorities and be the guilt they seek so he can escape from bondage.  The self-criticism that every man has to write, in or out of prison, enable him to feel out the authorities on this.  When officials express approval of his self-criticism, the confession they want will have been indicated in it.  The game is like seacrching for a concealed toy and being told you're hot, cold, warm . . .warmer . .  until you locate it.  Until the officials say his self-criticism is getting warm, he is told that he is not being frank and to to do it all over again.  If he doesn't remember each detail exactly, and contradicts himself on any point, he will have bailed his own trap.  He is given ample time to build up his own case against himself, to be his own prosecutor and to convict himsef.

  When he asks what he's done wrong, he's only told, "You know what you've done; you know your own misdeeds -  confess!"  What guilt?  No man is perfect.  Any normal human being can conjure up many possible transgressions which he may have committed, unwittingly perhaps.

  Everyone has heard of false accusations made against others, built up out of nothing, interpreted out of double-talk.  These add to the man's worries.  "Are they trying to frame me?"
  Meanwhile, continually dinned into his ears is the refrain, "Mao Tse-tung is merciful to those who confess."  Confess to what?  A man cannot be freed until he confesses.  This, too, is part of the ritual. . .

“The Illuminati Formula
Used to Create
An Undetectable Mind Control Slave”

The 10th Science
-Using Spiritual Things To Control A Person-

Part B
The Monarch Programming
A Miniaturization Of What Was Being Done
To Entire Peoples Or Cities

Part E: The Use Of Guilt, Shame, Ridicule And Anger

The Chinese and police agencies have been especially good at developing methods to solicit confessions. This is done by a variety of punishment and reward strategies, and the Mutt & Jeff routine. Confessions and self-criticism have been used by religious groups, esp. the Jesuits as a method to convert persons to and then perpetuate a belief. One of the things that the deeper alters will not be taught about is forgiveness.
Because forgiveness of oneself and others is such an important spiritual dynamic, to not know about forgiveness cripples many deeper alters from healing from the deeper spiritual wounds they have received. Forgiveness is an act of the will. Forgiveness of oneself is usually a major issue with  deeper alters who generally don’t know how to do this.   However, the
handlers and abusers will be sure to heap lots of guilt―whether deserved or not onto the poor mind-controlled victim.  It is natural for a person to focus on himself – after all, if a person doesn’t think for himself, who will?

Often a person accepts their strengths, but focuses on their weaknesses hoping that weakness will somehow be reduced by the focus that is placed upon it.  The programmers know how to take advantage of that.
They set impossible standards of perfection, and then demean the victim because they have failed to live up to the impossible standard of perfection.

Black and white thinking develops in the slave’s mind. The programmers will not allow the victim to display natural feelings of anger, sadness or doubt. To do so means that one is a failure and weak. Of course they are natural feelings, so the slave has to do a great deal of repression and self-incrimination for having these natural feelings. The slave learns to
turn his or her anger inward. Many of the male slaves end up committing suicide. They beat themselves up with subconscious & conscious guilt.
Anything and everything wrong or bad in the slave’s life is blamed upon him.