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[EXCERPTS]G.Campbell Morgan:"Life - A Quest and the Way of Conquest"


"Life - A Quest and the Way of Conquest"
G. Campbell Morgan, D.D.


Then Jesus gave the young man the answer to his enquiry.  "One thing thou lackest."  ...

3rd para.:

  I make an excursion from the story for a moment and go to another equally familiar, to the story of a day when Jesus entered the home at Bethany whereby He loved to go. Two women were there, Mary, and the for ever blessed Martha.  A friend of mine once described Martha - by the way he was a Scot - as "a north-east woman,"  We are tolf that the north-east wind always kills or cures.  It always cures, of you can stand up to it.  Blessed be Martha.  Mary had taken her part in the service of the house, and then sat at the feet of Jesus, His disciple.  Listen! Jesus is speaking to Martha.  "Martha, Martha, thou art cumbered about many things.  But one thing is needful.  Mary hath chosen the better part.  One thing is needful."  He did not say many things were wrong.  What He did mean was, "Martha, if you have the one thing, the many things will never cumber you or distract you or disturb your peace."  The one thing holds life in peace and power.

   So again with the rich young ruler.  "One thing thou lackest."  He did not leave him in doubt as to what the one thing was.  He interpreted the requiment which He declared was existing.

   Now listen to Jesus.  First the preliminary "Go," then the final "Come, follow Me."   What did he lack?  How often I have been told that what he lacked was poverty.  There is no warrant for any such interpretation.  Observe again carefully.  “Go, seek that thou hast and give to the poor, and thou shalt find treasure in heaven, and come, follow Me.”  Out of the narrative take two little words, “Go,” and “Come.”  Which was final and which was initial?  The “Go” was initial, and the “Come” was final.  Jesus with infinite skill, indicated to this young man the thing that lay in the way of his obedience to the supreme necessity of eternal life.   It was all that he possessed.  “Go and sweep out everything that is hindering the one thing, and when you have swept out the things that stand in the way, come and follow Me.”  What did he lack?  The element of control over his life, exercised, not within himself, but from without.  Come and follow, bend the knee, bow the neck, kiss the sceptre, confess that your own life is too majestic and massive for you to be able to control it to the ultimate issues.  Submit, follow me.  “One thing thou lackest.”  Thou hast never yet yielded thy life to control from without itself.  I know there are many who say, “But surely it was poverty that he lacked.” No, my friend, Jesus never said to me, “Go, sell all that thou hast and give to the poor,” for perfectly obvious reasons.  As God is my witness I am not speaking carelessly.  He never told me to give all I had to the poor.  I have always been in the realm of necessity and poverty, in spite of what people may imagine.  But He said to me, “ Go, sweep all out that hinders and come, follow Me.”  ・・・