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The Original Intent Of Creating My Blogs & Twitter

As I have already explained several times in the past, I have originally intended to address my blogs to people within the Christian churches, desirably narrowing down basically only to true and sincere Christians.
It seems to be quite common that we begin to be visited by totally different kind of crowds. So when I started this "Ye Olde ...Blog" and my Twitter, I made extra care and efforts to strictly expressing my inner side of contents which could only be shared and understood by Christians... to no avail (!).

Those "cyber-stalkers" come anywhere, and by now mnre are on English(though not at all a surprise). Non-Christians won't understand why we want to Jesus-Tweet and share our hearts for praising and woshipping, sharing of the teachings and His glory and spread the Word of His Testimonies! THEY WON'T UNDERSTAND- we Christians won't be surprised by it, but "they" seem to be unable o leave me alone, and come to read my talks w/ Christians, and blaspheme me on the talks. Yes, they even come