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Excerpts:Psychological Warfare

  One of the most haunting questions as I have been going through these experiences of what is usually called in a variety of names such as; "character assassination", "whispering campaign", etc., but in fact basically are an organized scale of "slander" and "false-witness", is, "How come so many of even otherwise intelligent people and even those intimate to ourselves are so instantly and easily taken-in ?"
  Another of those persisting questions is this unfathomable degree of "wickedness" that are being spread all around.

  And I have been trying to make sense of these "mystery (of iniquity)" from various sources.
  By accessing many secular resources, though not so sure we as Christians need to, I have become more familiar with lexicons of those (secular) way of expressions. 

  As we get to grasp the better shape of those, we might be more acquainted with their wiles, thus be better equipped against those future attacks against the holy lives as well....

Below is my other extract from one of such helpful resources among them.:

Excerpts:Psychological Warfare

by Servanto Gonzalez

[p.225] fourth paragraph

  "Sun Tzu's dictum, "All warfare is based on deception," is even more true in the field of psychological warfare. Actually,psychological warfare is deception.
  In his book Deception: The Invisible War Between the KGB and the CIA,Edward Jay Epstein mentions Angleton's theory of deception.
   According to Angleton, in order for a deception operation to be successful, first, the target (my inrertion: for readers of gang-stalking concerns,this "target" in this context does NOT refer to "the Targeted Individuals of the G.S.,but simply means individuals who are to be deceived in the quoted method.) as to be in a state of mind that he wanted to accept as intelligence any disinformation he gets from his own leaders. 
  This may not happen unless the target's prevailing preconceptions fits in with the opponent's interests.   

  Secondly,  the target has to be in a state of mind that he is so confident about the disinformation he receives from his leaders that he is unwilling to consider evidence, or even theories, that he is or can be duped. 
  This kind of bkanket denial amounts to a conceit, which Angleton believed could be cultivated in an adversary.

[p.226] third paragraph

  One of the key points of a successful deception operation is to hide the true source of the attack.
  Therefore, in order to understand the true nature of the current psychological warfare attack on the American people we need to know who the enemy is and what its motivations are. ... "

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